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Link to the game if you’re interested in trying it – In this video NCSoft sponsored me to show you guys the new class that was recently added to the game, The devs are [More]
Video show Blade And Soul Revolution – 1st CBT All 4 Class Skill Gameplay Video Show 4 class : blader , fighter , axeman , manauser CBT on 6th december 2018 , new mobile game [More]
Vidéo premier avis sur le pourfendeur (Warden) de Blade And Soul. Dans cette vidéo je vous montre mes premiers pas, le gameplay de la classe et vous livre donc un premier avis. ► Soutiens la [More]
The game website : ( free to play ) Me playing against every class as blade master. And this isn’t really 4K, I just rendered it at 4K cause it looks better like this.
Blade & Soul M GamePlay & Trailer By NcSoft Support Channel: PayPal: Play Lineage 2 Revolution On PC & BlueStacks 3N Last Version: Buy Pc Game With 10%-80% Discount – Daily Android [More]
Soure : Video by 维京落地不如鸡 bilibili show Blade And Soul CN New Battle Royale Mode Gameplay Preview test Coming on 20 sep 2018 Homepage : MMOJACKX57 china game tencent game mmorpg Pls Sub [More]
Video show Blade And Soul 2 Gameplay Video Trailer Showcase 2018 by NCSoft , new version coming . blade and soul 2 is a mobile version Homepage : Pls Sub Like and Share thank [More]
● Blade & Soul is now available to play at – This video was made in association with NCSOFT, the publisher of Blade & Soul. Blade and Soul Gameplay Let’s Play (NEW WARDEN CLASS [More]
(ง’̀-‘́)ง SCROLL DOWN! (ง’̀-‘́)ง ⌖ This video is a sponsored look at the new Warden class. ⌖ Download and Play Blade & Soul: ⌖ Blade & Soul is a Free to Play Action MMORPG. [More]
Compilado desde o nível 1, como transclasse, até depois do 99. O mago cujo nome não deve ser pronunciado (Zwischenzug) é um dos meus personagens favoritos no jogo. Talvez ele possa se tornar um dos [More]
First time doing this dungeon and fighting the non-MVP Maya. I think it’s neat that they’re adding some dungeon mechanics. – Mobile – Closed Beta – Cute MMORPG Please LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE! [More]
Início da cruzada transcendental de Getsêmani, nível 1 em diante Agora com Agilidade (AGI) só 1, mas auxílio do combro Adaga Memorável RWC e Anel Memorável RWC Para up usando equipamentos obtidos via missões do [More]
O bardo Riff Stradivarius precisa continuar upando, e eu… continuar cantando…? Bem, essa última parte é por minha iniciativa, né? Não exatamente preciso, só que gosto mesmo, heheh! Conto com a sua companhia nesse espetáculo [More]
A cruzada de Getsêmani do nível 85 ao 99 de base, no servidor de acesso gratuito do Brasil Ragnarok Online (Thor, bRO). Segui um caminho bem tradicional, upando sempre em grupo. Ainda estou usando meus [More]
Bienvenidos a un nuevo gameplay de primeras impresiones, donde vamos probando todos los juegos que creemos tienen algo interesante para mostrar. En esta ocasión, tenemos Ragnarok Online 2: Legend Of The Second, un MMORPG con [More]
Missão (quest) de mudança de classe para insurgentes (rebel, rebellion). Acompanhe comigo a estreia dessa classe no Brasil Ragnarok Online (bRO), com direito a participação de GM e tudo! Provavelmente um dos vídeos mais insanos [More]
Video Game Music Vault for the Best Video Game OST + Video Game Soundtrack. VGM BGM Theme Song Music Playlist My Goal is to Preserve the Video Game Music of every MMORPG by uploading [More]
🔸Homepage: 🔸Subscribe my channel for more videos: 🔸Music: Intro: Veorra & The Tech Thieves – Ghost Town Outro: Abstract – I Wrote You A Letter (Prod. Blulake) 🔸 If any owners has an [More]
Ragnarok Classic MMORPG gameplay review in HD 1440p and 1080p with Audio Commentary. Ragnarok Classic MMORPG is a free mobile game for Android and iOS devices. Thanks for watching and Subscribe for more! Enjoying [More]
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Tencent’s Ragnarok Online Mobile CBT adventures. Cute Novice time! Although it looks quite similar to Eternal Love, this version is different. – Mobile – Closed Beta – Cute MMORPG – Free Beta Please LIKE [More]
just lyke dis there were a lot of things i felt like i could have done better. hoping the next video is much better. Read the written review here: Play the game with me: There’s a typo in the credits, the song is not “Amazon Plan”, it’s “Amazing Plan”, still by Kevin MacLeod from [More]
Where it all began… one cold, dark, and dank night… in some dungeon, that was remarkably similar to a basement! (just sayin)
∎ Breed an Egg that has TERRA and FLAME | Dragon City Gameplay 😍 Combination Breeding Dragon : … 😱 • Flame Dragon breeding with Terra Dragon = Volcano Dragon • Double Flame Dragon breeding [More]