The Mike and Asi show, give you a extensive and honest review of early game in Dark Age of Camelot.
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Hey! This isn’t my typical daoc music video. This is somewhat of a channel update, but mostly me talking about the new server that I’m playing on and why it’s really, really good. There are [More]
Dark Age of Camelot has been around for almost 20 YEARS, but the Phoenix server has just been out for a few months. How is this old MMO able to retain such a dedicated community? [More]
The Secret World: Ultimate Edition The Secret World: Ultimate Edition features the full game and the complete first season of content updates! 10 DLCs, an exclusive outfit, excellent beginner weapons plus boosts in one complete [More]
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Fortnite Junk Rift Item Gameplay + NEW Event at Soccer Field (NEW POI with RIFT BEACON) Fortnite Battle Royale v10.10 Update , the Soccer Stadium is getting replaced and we are getting the junk rift [More]
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The recreation center west of Tilted Town has been destroyed as The Visitor’s beacon malfunctioned + left a whole (as well as glitched consumables) in its place… Twitch Channel: Twitter: Instagram: Twitch [More]
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Wondering what sets SWGEmu apart from other MMOs? Thinking of giving the game a try but not sure if you’ll enjoy it? Hopefully this video will help you decide! Join here: SWGEmu rules regarding [More]
Star Wars Galaxies COMING BACK In 2019 – Better Than EVER! SWG LEGENDS – How To Start – Free LVL 90 Sorry about the horrible quality of the footage! I did not realize I had [More]
It’s been 2 years since I’ve left and come back…. though it’s been 8+ since I started. Twitch Stream: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Facebook ► ◄ From time to time I post screenshots / random [More]
Like, Comment, Share, And Subscribe For More! Hi Guys! This is my first lets play for Vindictus in 2019! in this video i will talk about if vindictus is it worth playing in 2019? #Vindictus [More]
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The MMO-lite Vindictus may be outdated, but it’s still one of my favorite games to revisit.. hell, I might even be staying this time around. Eira is the latest class/character for Vindictus and dual wield [More]
Decided to redownload Vindictus and give it a go. Trying out the latest character Grimden but quickly getting burnt out going through the introduction of the game for the 17th time so.. well, watch for [More]
Archlord 2 is the PvP-centric MMORPG from Webzen. This war-themed MMO has been in development for the past three years and is the follow-up to the original Archlord from 2006. Sign up for the Archlord [More]
Great fights during last weekend against CN guild. Good fight!
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Play Neverwinter now: (Sponsored by Perfect World) How does the Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG Neverwinter hold up for a new player in 2019? Well my friends, let’s find out. spoilers: This was a pretty [More]