DC Universe Online Gameplay/Commentary (PS3)

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A quick gameplay video for DC Universe Online for the PS3 with my impressions.
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Layyla Benjamin says:

It’s free now 

KT12US says:

is there multiplayer???

Arlot Fabian says:

Is this the free version in the psn?

Nick Trick says:

I Meant Lamar-_-223 misspelled my name lol

Nick Trick says:

Yes its Multiplayer its a Co-op game with Marvel Dcuo comics etc. Anyone
wanna play I’m lvl 30 Hero If you wanna play Add my psn account,
Lamar-_-223. My DCUO character MizzLight:Power light. Weapon One Handed: CR
136 Rating 77 Lvl: 30 Hero Side I’ll tell you a good power/Weapon Style Etc
Holla on my PSN account

chris campbell says:

buy the disc on amazon problem solved lol 12 dollars isnt gonna brake you.
its either wait several hours for download or spend 12 bucks its up to you

traymont lewis says:

ps it takes to fucking long to download im siting here now waiting

traymont lewis says:

lol to think the hole game is free now you paid for nothing

Big Turd says:

It says Remaining to Download: 18,572 MB (0%)

Peter Morales says:

Nvm the in game download takes 3 hrs didn’t know that at first

Cruz Martinez says:

Its Free My Nigga

Big Turd says:

It isn’t even a good game. Does it take a month?

Peter Morales says:

It takes not even a minute for me and my internet isn’t even that good

Big Turd says:

It takes HOURS just getting it downloaded.

Gary Reese says:

It takes a long time to download for my PS3,but I guess it was everyone
with a slow connection?

Colgat3 says:

it’s free

Colgat3 says:

It’s free

Goku Uzumaki says:

mines downloading can anyone tell how to see the percent

Tom McNee says:

Its being installing for 1h 46mins now and its only at 15% :O, my internet
is great but i my ps3 is full of junk…Anyone know if you can exit and it
will stay at the same percent? HELP

sks56luke says:

WHAT?? 5 hours jeeze it took me like 2 hours

Miles Ford says:

Yeah my internet is terrible

374Badboy says:

Download it at nigh when u sleep

project0omega says:

hero or villain?

philip keghoro says:

still on 0%

Anthony Ruquet says:

3 hours and only at 56%

McAndrew Dufanal says:

wats ur ps3 online name i want to add u to my friends list

homie3908 says:

i think as of august 2013, its free, wich is awesome!

Logan Idler says:

This game is worth the download. So fun

Jose Salazar says:

this game is taking alot time to download for me

Ege Kurşun says:

does anyone know the download size of the game?

lenny7170 says:

WOW really mine took less than 10 minutes lol

aweseb says:

doesnt take that long if you have a good connection, took me about a few

xfearlessbeastx says:

Guys this is like shit compaird to the new version :3 lol and he forgets to
put all bis armer on -.- thats y the boss battle is so hard

Yan Brumxy says:

It’s free game ?

SonicX790 says:

how much GB doas it take

J3rk3r239 says:

1hr 30mins 97% leggo. Whoever wants to play add Dubstepking239 on psn

flameblaze4325 says:

0.7 after like 1 hour?

boblovescatfood says:

this game is downloading in my (Oscars) (2 peeps use this channel) room
right now, its been 2 hrs and its almost just about a quarter of a way
through… it takes soooooooooooooooooo long…

TheBlockMiner says:

add me on psn i play this game and bfbc1 psn name: Kurloz__Makara

TheMashirooo says:

Does this cost monthly

Koak Vapor says:

I need a group of four on ps3 or a active league I am lvl 26 hero need to
do the on duty missions group up anyone?????????

TheBlockMiner says:

it used to cost about 10 dollars

steven blade says:

5 hours then, did the maths for you there you go

BoggleDongMongerFlog says:

I pray that elder scrolls online will be on console like this game

lijpehalfbloed says:

yes you can just download it free from the psn marketplace

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