DC Universe Online Goes Free to Play – Gameplay Trailer HD

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Sony Online Entertainment said that it’ll turning DC Universe Online free-to-play from October on both PC and PS3. Find more info at http://www.mmobomb.com/news/dc-universe-online-going-free-to-play-on-pc-and-ps3/

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GamerGuyz says:

You guys must have slow ps3’s mine only took 1 hour :D

Iveta Ostrovska says:


Iveta Ostrovska says:


Cole Camerer says:

Sounds and looks fun and great cant wait to play it

Troy Johnson says:

Graphics are legit but is the game good, I’ve been downloading this for
HOURS and i hope its worth the wait

MultiZombieBalls says:

what does D/LED means?? And it’s free -_-

MoRiggy says:

Can you exit the game while it is downloading

Lauren Bell says:

It took 3-4 hours for me 8)

CoolCat123450 says:

Why can’t they just call Mr. Mxyzptlk? I am sure he would understand.

Deadninja196 says:

0:39 wtf is that

rs35502 says:

Yea, I do that too, but when you get to t3 and if you’re like me wanting
the entire suit for that feat, it’s going to take you hours and hours to
get that suit. It took me a few weeks of staying up playing it with not
much sleep. Call it what you will I’m really into it. I find that it also
makes wow look like shit along with some other free games. They get better
each year.

raccoonfishgaming says:

so you say if i like video games i’m automatically a nerd

CauseImTheBlur says:

1 hour in and I’m 6% downloaded… FUCKFUCKFUCK

Anthony jr. Mccann says:

they should make something like this but in marvel version.

1296sonic says:

serious well anyway thsnks for your help rage infear. i will go try what
you said now

keshaun combs says:

Sexy ButI’m a legend

jeff quiroz says:

man i download it and it takes forever to download

GiiooE says:

@Pollyplopp1337 whats that for stupid question

jjboy157 says:

“And with those powers…” If he said “comes great responsibility” I
would’ve kicked my fucking screen in.

IEnder x says:

This looks nothing like the real game -.-

Sierra Uecker says:

This was a great video. Thanks for sharing.

mohamed alaa says:

play microvolts its awesome

graham cj says:


xSugGamerX says:

Iron Man is from Marvel, genius.

Momochi Marcup says:

goes free to play WEAKLY

lemonadefizz21 says:

yeah and plus no game is completly free otherwise they wont make money and
then wont be able to improve it to have better weapons and decent armor. so
Eudolus can think about that

George M says:

yes its multiplayer and its free but if u want to buy extra character slot
it will cost and dlc etc

Jordin Bear says:

Okay, sorry, I misunderstood you the first time. I don’t really understand
why people hate on this game, I find it to be really fun.

zack alas says:

Took me 6 hours but worth it 🙂

Stiller says:

The only time you fight the joker is on the hero side if you have batman as
a mentor in the level 15 and 30 instances (The 30 one shouldn’t even
count.). At that it was setup completely by batman and had very little to
do with you. Throwing objects does really shitty damage unless its a car
which can’t be found in those instances. And finally, the game can do what
its supposed to or I can just pretend right? Pretend My character has a
voice and unique story? The fuck do I need the game for?

MrDreamry says:

ever play lotro? free player -2 gold cap. once u pay for ANYthing in the
game, U become premium 5 gold cap. BUT u need to buy the currency cap to
unlock 9999 gold cap. and there are also many mmorpg with this kind of
stuff —- thats how they earn money!

Ashley Domentoa says:

Do the right thing,

MultiZombieBalls says:

yes it does

tayyab khalid says:

Mine is 47% after 3 hours!!!

evilshater says:

If money is involved then I have to admit I’m not qualified for this game ^^


16 GB And Half LOL It’s Like I Will Do It With 10 KBPS Internet Download

TheRealist9111 says:

no, its free now evrything is free

HilaryDuffFans2k13 says:

I am a nerd! I can actually admit it aswell.

Azhan Mohamed says:

Success did it with 10 kbps download…but deleted it cuz i couldnt handle
the game owo

PrincessOtaku77 says:


TheN00bGamer says:

i love this trailer

George M says:

the game is online omd how stupid!

PeterBainner says:

Lol no, but the hell is wrong with nerds? Nerds do it better than everyone

SootheMind3 says:

4 hours to download

papia1111 says:

I don´t approve your argument because he is totally right.

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