Dragon Nest (Assassin) Gameplay #1 – NEW CLASS! SO COOL!! *.* with. DashBones, Wootwootbot [LVL 1-5]

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Eriol Costa says:

Your english isn’t bad… Just too fast… Lol thanks bout the video…
Nice gameplay

PanicGiraffe says:

Is this class playable in NA yet?

darksperavi says:

I believe you are just talking too fast in English. English is kind of a
slower speaking language…I like your video 😀 if you have more dragon
nest stuff, I’ll subscribe.

Sangerbois Vang says:

dis kid so annoying

Nikoru Hachiro says:

is this game available in the eu yet?????

troy calo says:

This dude’s stuffs looks a lot like Naruto. I’m looking forward to playing
this character when my download finishes.

Captian Luffy says:

Sorry :* i play better then ya xoxoxo
but nice video D: 

jordan guillory says:

Are you speaking English or another language?

Gabriel Rieper says:

Good gameplay! xD

ChiefGoldie says:

best accent 

Jixs 203 says:

ima fight you to the death man kung fu style XD

Romeo Espinosa says:

I hate ur ugly face but or character so handsome ugly

Zero Nai says:

You fucking suck

traymont lewis says:

sorry but I could not understand a single damn word this hole game play
nice gameplay tho :)

ManUU says:

I found a great site, for me it works! Add to your account a lot of raw
materials: http://excellentcheats.com/dragon-nest-cheats/

bunny8chua says:

Dragon Nest fun meh?

ZaBraGoz says:

virginity lvl 99

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