Dragon Nest Classes

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Dragon Nest Classes Trailer

Dragon Nest Skills:

Dragon Nest Warrior Skills:

Dragon Nest Archer Skills:

Dragon Nest Sorceress Skills:

Dragon Nest Cleric Skills:

Dragon Nest Academic/Tinkerer Skills:

Dragon Nest Kali Skills:

Dragon Nest Assassin Skills:

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Play Dragon Nest here:

Dragon Nest SEA: http://dn.cherrycredits.com/
Dragon Nest Europe: http://dragonnest.eu/
Dragon Nest North America: http://dragonnest.nexon.net/
Dragon Nest Russia: http://dn.mail.ru/


Summon the Rawk Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Dragon Nest Classes
Dragon Nest Gameplay
Dragon Nest Trailer


KingSwillz says:

Which class has the best DPS?

Javier Chavez says:

You forgot assasin class.

Michael van Dalen says:

I really like how the raven and lunar knight looks, are there any other
classes you would say are better? or which is better of the two?? because I
am pretty sure I want to main one of them but I am not sure; raven or lunar

Suusanagi says:

pretty good skills , amazing animation. but i hate the chibi style :/

HelloMoMoKitty says:

😮 Two new classes? Maybe I’m going to go download it again when I get home
and check it out :3

ArcanianMageborn says:

Game need a male Spellcaster. Wizard or a Mage

Ruby Amethyst says:

no assasin

elena kabrun says:

whats the best class?

leonhrp says:

Sharpshooter or Acrobatic which one is the best dps?

Cyrus Vilar says:

People what should you think my second class would be when Im done with

PS:I’m bad at support 

Maxim Prime says:

why why why whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do i have to play as girl
:((((( fuck lock ginger 

azrul hisham says:

I love all classes hahaha

Lucas Rafael says:

Grand Chase 3D

SuperDuperSonicSpeed says:

I’d be 100% in love with this game, but the fact it’s not open world just
ruins it for me.

ppbbgay says:

pity not open world game

Inside the BOX says:

Is it me or does Kali’s symbol look like Uchiha clan’s symbol…..

Douglas Barfield says:

is this a 3d version of elsword?

mixalis karmponis says:

can i play it on laptop? i really wanna play this game

Sherwin Tio says:

Is there gender selection for every class now and character customization? 

ZaTh GaMiNg says:

a primeira n é cleric e sim sword master

Stellvia2able says:

no personal character custom q,q

Marco Zamora C. says:

Good luck

Jaran Simms says:

Ok thx man and a dual core processor can handle this card right?

Izuś says:

Last class.. That screamer…. horrible skills colors! I want play that
class but that color…. ughhhh…. i do dancer xD

PureHope says:

This game kinda reminds me of Elsword for some reason ;D

Hweum says:

I have the European version and we only have 3 girl classes and 2 guy
classes. .. we dont have the last one

QuickMice says:

Good job man! Seen many classes videos but yours the best! Keep itup!

Renz Mendoza says:

oh vrry nc!

Clement Lim says:


jaime junior says:

dragon nest eu a new class coming up in febuary been confirmed that there
will be Kali in eu version fuck yh cant w8

Ricardo Pinheiro Da Silva says:

to no lvl 21

PhunkAnalFanatiker says:

can i play sea dn from germany without a proxy in english?

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