Dragon Nest First look Gameplay Commentary

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Check out our first look at Dragon Nest.

GAME WEBSITE: http://www.mmozone.com/dragon-nest.html

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Ahmed Ali says:

F2P More like Fap to play

suat bayrak says:

I will download it. Thank you for video

Rocay Alyassi says:

gd but the sound is not with the video 

elinal855 says:

Different weapons have different attack styles – crossbows are three fast
shots with a longer pause in between, mid range. Longbows are slower,
longer ranged shots with a strong, piercing shot that stops you every once
in a while. Short bows are the ones you’re using right now. You should try
them all out and find the one you like the most :P

Abbas Khalil says:


Gavin Liang says:

Nice Review For me……..(^o^)

Abbas Khalil says:

I really enjoy ed the preview and all, but am I the only one that doesn’t
get sound and image simultaneously?? the commentary was about 15-20 secs

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