Dragon Nest Gameplay – First Look HD

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Bruce Wayne says:

Dont play this game its dead! Barely any players

Chlojexa Vergin says:

This video timed almost perfectly with my Dragon Nest installation. :3
Time to smack some goblins. >:D

Jesus Christ says:

i laughed when he said: perfect english translation and picked mapelstory
as exsample xD

DarkDeJay says:

Does anyone else think of SAO whenever they play this game?

Tyler Brown says:

dude do u ever take a breathwhen u speak holy crap you talk fast as shit

Eben Slasher says:

i miss him xD some ppl think he’s annoying but his commentary is very
explanatory and easy to understand u can actually a good feel out of the
game , but i guess some ppl cant handle that

noobinator6000 says:

looking for three people to play this game with from level 1-whenever we
get bored

Radu george says:

shame the nasty anime style makes it unappealing to most

AssatsuCorp says:

breathe man just breath talk less play more talk is silver but silence is

Tyler Bob says:

Word per min?

Maggeboy98 says:

I bet this guy can read through the bible in about 5 minutes 

Strahinja Blagojevic says:

So, this is dungeon based, not open world?

BlitzAceX says:


Om ar says:

omfg u talk too fucking much

FallenOne says:

I played this game and i know its kinda boring in the beginning… BUT when
new classes came like Academic,Kali,Assassin, and lencea. The story is
getting very interesting plus the skills or action moves of every class r
just 100% AWESOME. Every stages or dungeons is pretty cool and PVP is just
so epic and fun. You guys should try it, in my opinion this game is one of
the best online games ^.^

theicecreamman61 says:

Stop talking so much omg

Ray Whyte says:

Damn Bruce u messing with me hard D=.. I just started playing pc games and
I wanna try dragon nest but dont want to waste my time if the world is dead
somebody help me and give me info plz

LuiBei1994 says:

Do you use the keyboard to fight in this game like with Elsword? or do you
just click on everything like in almost every MMO ever made?

Harry Hicks says:

the dude talks way to much for me

Unex Compartment says:

This game looks phenomenal! 

josef black says:

u talk so slow u make me hate the game already ty i will not play this game

MagicalManatee says:

the only problem with this game is that its location locked and wont let me
play since i live in puerto rico

hurleyman77 says:

Wow… such motor-mouth. Slow down!

DuhRealSlimShady says:

nerd accent + fast talking = bleeding ears

As Kew says:

as of now there are three more characters to play – kali, academic &

frozenjack98 says:

the only problem of this game… leveling….. uagghhhhh so long.. so very
long…. the repitition of dungeons.. arghhh.. other than that.. pvp super
fun X3

Matthew Diaz says:

if you can watch this whole video without needing an aspirin..props to you

Cake says:

LMFAO, this would be good as a podcast with no video. Here’s lilly I wanna
pick her up, can i pick her up.

Superawesomevids549 says:

OK, great video and all, but you should probably stop talking so much.
Literally every single second is filled with dialogue, and mostly pointless
dialogue at that. I had to pause the video a few times because you
literally wouldn’t shut up. You don’t need to be talking every single
second for fear of losing your audience’s attention. In fact, talking so
much is actually detrimental to the video, because soon enough people will
begin tuning you out and will miss any actually important views that you
have. I’m surprised you didn’t pass out halfway through the video. I
realize, however, that his is an old video, so maybe you’ve gotten better,
but i might as well mute any others that I watch if they are all like this,
and just pay attention to the gameplay.

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