Dragon Nest Gameplay – lvl 24 Acrobat

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Another Gamplay for Dragon Nest Online (China) – (2010 gameplay-earlier version of Dragon Nest)
Fighting Manticore Boss (Abyss mode lvl 23+)
One of my hardest boss fight so far… the lvl 31 swordmaster was disconnected at the start of the fight and the bowmaster died halfway… + lag i cant even dodge the aoe stump of the boss T_T i suck lol


Brendo Souza says:


DogFaceGremlin says:

Stop making videos with yout toothbrush damn

卜熹珣 says:

Omg… This dude is freaking tough…
Just passed this in normal mode but with a lv 16 engineer…….

Meena Hankla says:

Sword Master

fenix58 says:

@VampireGeo yep easy to solo now this gameplay was taken 1.5yrs ago – 1st
version of DN and its harder cause: – upgrading cost so much gold + there
is fatigue system (that means no gold farming for you) – no heraldry skill
system – no hidden abilities on equips (blue stats when you use codes) –
primative skill system… limited sp – npc dont sell potions (was using the
quest reward pots on this gameplay) – dungeons have lvl requirements for
you to enter (this dungeon is lvl 22+/abyss mode 23+)

Meena Hankla says:

2 people went through.

xiCritical says:

@beruangmacan dont say it im still pissed about no ep 26 -.-

zappzoe says:

@fenix58 damn hardcore..

EdenEpic says:

@TwistInMyth Who talks about pissing on a video I clearly told whoever that
other faggot was that he was wrong, you go somewhere else. Like your
closet, kill yourself in there and have someone send me the video of it.

Antyriku2 says:


LubuIsDaBest says:

cant wait to try this game hopefull it freaking downloads on moms user if
it doesnt im gonna kill someone

FlayS02 says:

YEA AIR GEAR =D Awesome, liked because of soundtrack xD

bestcrime says:

chain kuy rai sus

saraylla1 says:

epic music 😀

mattpwnz211 says:

nice vid… AMAZING MUSIC!!!!!!!!! god…. just had to get that off my
chest… 😛 but nice vid 😀

Philip Gabucan says:

theme song of Air Gear ey? btw i like it

Gods Tribute says:

i remember this boss, lvl 18 priest soloing master dificulty everything
like a boss (i had no clue about heralding and upgrading at this point so
ha!) decided to take this on wich was pretty easy untill i reach mister
ugly, oh god i died once, learned pots are worth something in the game and
cried like a bitch for like 30 secs after it died. never going in to run
master on my 1st run ever again.

Pius619 says:

EPIC SONG !! from what i hear, its from something called air gear

Arleran says:

I hate newfags that just played DN recently and bashing on old video of DN
they were boasting about their gears as well make me want to see their face
when they played the older version one

HyuugaGardenNeji says:

Ah good old times. 🙂

KellarJS says:

this song is fucking amazing!!

TheOMFG123123 says:

Air Gear a really good anime.

MyEdyEdy says:

u do know u should wen its about to hit the florr wen its in air

beruangmacan says:

what the….. AIR GEAR ????

Demonic Inc. says:

i’m crying because this looks so epic!

flipbulance says:

damn was that a priest or a paladin? the guy tanking him…he was like up
front like it was nothing o.O

Bloodwagon1 says:

So stoked to hear the air gear theme 😀

ThatOnePokemonKid says:

I have a question about DN SEA, is it only for different region players and
USA players, or does it have some kind of boost too? Like, as you sea, more
HP, more damage output, etc. Or just overall better items?

Excalibues Blades says:


byakumaruZ says:

@zulfikar028 This is DN China. Learn to read chinese… AT LEAST learn to
read the descriptions…

GormanBrothers says:

@XxVinsxGearsxX Oh, thx 😀

fenix58 says:

wow watching my very old video made me realize there is a much much big
difference in my lvl 24 acrobat now in DN SEA 3.3k HP and i only do 90-130
dmg and 300-900(crits) in this video my lvl 24 acrobat now in DN SEA Has
14k HP and do 300-500 dmg 800-4200 (crits) – Holywood Server very easy to
solo Abyss and Master (farming poison pills…damn so hard to get)

120Madara1 says:



Defenetly goin to download. Great game

BlackOutVisionZer01 says:

i did the same thing with my level 19 academic without respawning 😀 , but
remember, master and abyss are 2 VERY different things, the difficulty gap
is huge between the two. also, some advise to you and the ownder of the
video, assign the keys Q, E, R, F, to skills, assign Q and E to skills that
have long cool downs, assign R and F to support skills or potions , and
from 1 to 5 put your fast attack skills, with this all buttons are easy to
reach and you can easily unleash maximum carnage 😀

godslayer137 says:

this is the future of rpg 🙂

Kyuubi58GAMER says:

@holonizer read his comment retard

VampireGeo says:

You freaking kidding me??Didnt know this boss is s hard that a 4-lvl 24
party was needed. I soloed it at lvl 18 at Master difficulty O_O WHO THE
HELL AM I?Chuck Norris?

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