Dragon nest gameplay – PVP 4v4

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Testing PVP – also testing capture settings for PVP. I am lvl 10 only at the moment so i am missing vital skills to compete.

(Game : Dragon nest Pioneer Open Beta)


AllMightyDiesel says:

is this out in usa ?

eSKy Lancer says:

lol all these gameplay the charater like archer is archer the best class?
nice video by the way

sibladeko says:

Paladins destroy PvP. What other class can literally plow through a group
of 4 people, guard 3 of their attacks while comboing one, then leave

Ragensu64 says:

@sibladeko no i think range class pwn pvp

juju1006539 says:

how would u be able to rank skills on this game would it be ap based like
mabi or a bit more lilke vindi were u get it of dungens and what not.?!!

Karin Miku says:

gudnes!! is really unfair!! the archers cant with this x.x!! i want to be
one but this make me angry .___.!!

Metalguy287 says:

guys is there an english version of the game and where can i find it if
there is one?tell me plz i f***ing love that game!

Lougikiro says:

Mercs require less skill than any other class, they’re mentally retarded
and need attention, that’s why their dance is so up themselves Not only
that, but that merc was lagging as fuck.

Peterson Morley says:

LOL i’m going to the battlefield as soon as i hit lev.5

Angel Caballero says:

2:52 owned XD

GaboZzxD says:

this game is in inglesh or Chinese? if in inglesh give me the link to
download it and I understand that but the Chinese inlgesh

killacam543210 says:

@CircleSquareTriangIe no -. – jan or feb is a release

Gamecapture says:

i am missing too many skills , only lvl 10 now xD they are all lvl 16+

Why Bother says:

@Lougikiro Agreed

YTKimi says:

ugh why does everyone play with those annoying girls what the fuck is wrong
with you people!?!?!

kaligulawielki says:

this is a free game?

Aulmeyda says:

Once you’re knocked down in this game, might as wll go heat up a hotpocket,
because you ain’t getting back up.

Maksi246 says:

wich is better 2h swords of 2h maces ? does anyone know?

o0DrunkenLee0o says:

3:08 FINISH HER!! *dun dun duunnnnn*

BladeAndSoul says:

Yes it is free. With cash shop. Cash shop does not offer unfair advantages
like in other games. You get cooler gears but no stat increase.

Metalguy287 says:

guys is there an english version of the game?replay plz!im in love with

ByRonaldoxDReal2011 says:

Esse game é muito irado, mas pelo que eu venho ter visto ele não tem server
BR .

frank m says:

@kaligulawielki YES the NA version is release summer of 2O11. =D At

rpgpro001 says:

lvl system is pretty easy, depending on the class. it is a lot faster to
clear dungeons as team, but exp is greatly cut. took about 4 hours of
playing to get to lvl 9, almost lvl 10.

Pain113 says:

dang…that looked like pure ownage for 2:50 to 3:10

Gamecapture says:

yeah , lvl is easy , i only did solo up to now . maybe in group is better.
can’t wait to do astral illusion on someone =)

DuplaGamers says:

tem sim ta locão

Ballaballa175yahoo says:

Jeez, archers just run away the whole time, its annoying to hit them.

byebye121 says:


moopmen says:

let the games begin P_P

Gamecapture says:

mmyeah , i was poor lvl 10 in a lvl 16+ battle x)

straawberriefatninja says:

She gets hit it sounds gay like ehh you get the point

DickHeadGR says:

at 2:52 your char has an orgasm..i hear all the time ”aaahh oooohh aaahhh
aaahh” XD

coolhuman96 says:

LOL mercenary~~~~

kiler24011 says:

XD wow they dont even let u get up lol

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