Dragon Nest Gameplay Trailer [HD]

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Dragon Nest Gameplay Trailer [HD]
Developer: Eyedentity Games
Release: Q4/2011
Genre: MMO/RPG
Platform: PC
Publisher: Nexon
Website: http://www.eyedentitygames.com/eng/games/dragonnest.asp
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yves goovaerts says:

@IxWulfxI hack it and get it for free..:p lol idk how but u can i think

GrifCannon90 says:

Why does Korea put out a new MMO every month…

Reinhardt Lohengram says:

@iXolbor u should say thx if u get a fuking chance to play this this game
rocks i played it a little on jp version but to much lag for me…

Newb says:

“Released in 2011 on the PS2!” No seriously, the graphics feels like it
comes from a PS2 (and im being nice to give it that much) so everything
else better be perfect.

xGunster says:

Oh, NOW they show a trailer on Realm. 😐 It’s been like, over a year…
played it, fun being a Mage even though it’s gender restricted.

iFunnyDiep says:

thats a maple soundtrack !

ImPregidous2Racist says:

To get into the english site replace the .com with .net in the link =)

tatetalk says:

Now go collect me 50,000 slime gels

MrGugla says:

looks not that bad .

Mine4Dimes says:

Wtf was at 1:02

frebels says:

@Yornitje With vindictu combat.

whybanme says:

Lol @ them using maplestory music

name8895 says:

yeya, dragon nest trailer! that means that it’ll be there soon! haha,
enough of the waiting!


@HawkzTube Hell they even put teh MapleStory song “Dragon Nest” in this
trailer ! ! !

Martynas Maciukas says:

NEXON is evil. Americans will get this in Q4/2011, but Europe will probably
get it year later. And from the looks of it, id rather pay for WoW than
play this for free.

Newb says:

@Subj3ctKn1ght Hey I’m just stating the obvious. Graphics could be better,
even for a “cartoonish” game. I didn’t mean to…..get U MAD BRO.

kazz166 says:

Woah remix maplestory music into this game nice work nexon you bastards

53MAJ says:

flyff with dragons

FreddoX1 says:

Looks like shit, do not want.

rocksteal2000 says:

The combat reminds me of “fantasy earth zero”…. which is being shut down,
but this game looks a lot more fun ill be sure to give it a try =)

Nerf DreamWalker says:

>Nexon -little content, that requires a lot of grinding. -cash shop that is
borderline required to be competitive -Broken item craft/enchanting system,
that statistically will break your item, unless you buy cash shop items to
protect against it (pay2win) -horrible class balance. Nexon = do not play

snake292929 says:

Looks like nothing compared to Skyrim…

thedoubletriple says:

this graphic style looks shittie

soullesplain says:

europe ??? coming out on EU yes or no ?

xArchangelSGE says:

Ok fug. Maplestory DRAGON NEST music. Cool story.

Based Turd says:

wow nexon… cant make new music? god.. dont take music from another game
of yours…

hereinsertname says:

I thought they stopped making N64 games….? Get with the times, man.

BlazzerdLove says:

is it free to play ?

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