Dragon Nest – lvl 80 Flurry PVE Gameplay

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Took me about 3 days to get my Lencea from lvl 1 to lvl 80 ( the power of good music while grinding lol) and was gonna upload a video earlier, but got kinda busy with life lol XD.

Since i’m still really undergeared to show Flurry in a nest, figured i’d do a lvl 80 dungeon on abyss instead, which was a bad idea since lvl 80 bosses on abyss are a lot harder than lvl 70 bosses on abyss lol…

But all in all, the class is not extremely over powered like Assasin were when they were released, but they do have their pro’s and cons. They get a few nice buffs and have some very interesting gameplay which makes Flurry A LOT of fun to play ( it feels like playing a strange mix of acro, gladiator and Selena lol..). Still levelling a Sting Breezer so should have a few video’s of her up when i hit lvl 80.

Anyways hope you enjoy =D

And since you read all of that, here’s the bgm in order lol 😉

1- Maria – Daze
2- Cytus Ost – Axion








Still in the process of gearing but for now wearing a tech from cash wep bonus for Shutter Bounce and a +1 for Erratic Power ( for that delicious %60 FD buff) from a free skill expansion crest that i got while lvling

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Michael Nguyen says:

How long did it take within them 3 days to speed level?

Ray Whyte says:

Nice hey I was wondering. Im new to pc games only play ps/xbox/psp/ds) do
people still play this game?

naturegods says:

Whats her main stat? And does any of the other Lencea use AGI?

Connor James says:

Can you help me? I’ve been trying for like, days, to register for kDN to no
avail. The registration doesn’t seem to like me. Thanks for replying if you

GuyUDK99 says:

Arent there usually 4 classes total? So far Ive only seen Spring Breezer
and Flurry. Usually isn’t it 2 different class trees? Or is it coming out
later on? 

woootskie says:

That feeling when you know which anime the song is from just with the
intro. Damn I need some life

innerpain URgm says:

what songs are these?

SAINTzZ DN says:

What’s this? Revertible-kun actually included the bgm this time?!?
XD ty 

BlueDot says:

Wow that mp usage. Skills drain so much mp or just the enemy drains it?

Matias Kenji Wu says:

What’s ur skill build so far?

Lei Low says:

3 Days? O.o Teach how you do that

Vii kun says:

can i have link ?

Muhammad Azfar says:

where can i download the english patch?

kean villa says:

Wow i love the song XD its from the anime mekakucity actors

Muhammad rizky says:

give me this DN website i want to play it

Death-kyun says:

That made me pretty hype. Well done, lol.

GanjaBoy4Lyphe says:

This is prob the most new balance class that they released lol

Naomie Enoes says:

Hi Revertible, can you make a video to show the flurry’s skills, with a
short description please. I’m a bit lost with her skill tree 😮 (about the
level she can reach for example the 45 Actif skill +4 max) ! Thx a lot for
your videos 🙂 And sorry for the inconvenience ^^

Vii kun says:

the server i play have max just lvl 70 this one got lvl 80 wow

BSM says:

3 days = lvl 1 to lvl 80 //OMG!!!

Deiko Mediko says:

what server ??

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