Dragon Nest SEA : Kali Gameplay Video

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Experience the all new ultra sexy and intensely powerful Kali Class today!

More Information: http://dn.cherrycredits.com/kali
Official Website: http://dn.cherrycredits.com/

0:54 – Screamer, 1st Job Advancement
2:02 – Dark Summoner, 2nd Job Advancement
3:03 – Soul Eater, 2nd Job Advancement
3:59 – Dancer – 1st Job Advancement
5:07 – Spirit Dancer – 2nd Job Advancement
6:14 – Blade Dancer – 2nd Job Advancement


Safiroshi says:

this game looks awesome i think i know what job i will be now
i guess i will give this game a shot

Fubuki Shirou says:

When is Assassin coming out ?

Roman Rinaldi says:

totally mt class!
movile, aoe damage, SEXY!

p2kks7 says:

so let me get this u get a half naked chick fro a character and make her
first sub classes screamer and dancer… lol its like they are blatantly
attempting to make the slut class skils look cool tho

Cross Chaos says:

GODDAMMIT can’t wait for the assassin class

Abegale Howell says:

Now I don’t know which class I’m going to choose. They all look so cool 

b. cole says:

she reminds me of the sisters from dynasty warriors but more shapely and
useful lol

Michael says:

Ugg I live this class

Etheral Khou says:

Soul Eater… Black Star?

Karl Pios says:

you. are not alone

Javd Video Juegos y Tutoriales Panama says:

if needs a build for kali check desolutionxx youtube channel 😀

Gisele says:

same here *brofist*

virginloong220 says:

wait.. lvl 60?

Skillz Dollz says:

kali dance look like porn x.x XD

Zaril Boo says:

Saint for me :3 *trollface*

Zevenx11 says:

Wow, no. I just put that its a male class just to put it out there, since
there are so many female classes in this game. Not being feminist.

VShawon says:

U suck at life…

MissEventha says:

Yea, I found out the day I posted that. xD I just started leveling my kali,
lvl 15.

Tenzou Mazo says:


ladymewmew2011 says:

do have internet!

Arastelion says:

God she is hot! That dance is gonna be spammed the first day 😛

Muhamad Fadhil says:

Hmm..looks tempting. Im sure the race to lv50 begins after kali’s patch.

SuperVampire10 says:

and ghoul too

HiraEpicFail says:

Dark summoner for me 🙂

Ranier Baldovid says:


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