First 40 – Dragon Nest (Gameplay)

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FSG Presents: 40 minutes of gameplay in Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest is an action MMORPG from Nexon. The game features skill based combat and instances…lots and lots of instances.

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kayode fasaye says:

u were

ComptonCrusader says:

“why are they called different chapters?”
you’re joking, right? i mean it says channel list right there…

Kesshin o says:

Force GW2 targeting system is called soft targeting, you can lock on but
you need to be standing in front of target to hit them.

Dan Compeau says:

F2P model is fine(it’s the future of gaming). Instanced dungeons are fine.
They break up the game into bite sized chunks. I respect your opinion
Force, but I disagree. This is a good game 🙂 Combat is so fun.

sweqwal says:

Not avalible for people from Sweden :(, 2 bad seems very interesting.

bucketboyjr says:

It’s Fiesta

WatashivaHeL says:

I was a beta tester for this game and i can say the gameplay is absolutely
amazing, especially at higher levels [40+] when you get ultra skills, the
only thing i dislike here is the pay-to-win side of the game. Also if you
like the “elbow drop” there i advise you play as an archer>acrobat [at
lvl16 archer you can specialize in 2 jobs ], they use a lot of similar
skills and are a lot of fun to play 😛

Medigo Tenkage says:

Free Elin-only Tera? …plus D3 barrel bashing. Nifty.

trtmrt01 says:

Continent of the Ninth. Try it.

lungdisc says:

Here are the sexy rotate options: /watch?v=KWriwA8QfDY

Barcasaur says:

this game is old as fuck, and its from Nexon. Force, please, don’t do
videos about Nexon games. PLEASE

spooky1000 says:

Man, the characters in this game look like a pedo’s dream.

PhunnyConflicts says:

Before watching this vid, I was hoping this game would be something like
ROSE ONLINE were players can roam to different cities and towns. However,
much like what Nexon did with Vindictus, its a game heavily focus on
dungeon instances. rather disappointing considering the trailer looked so
good. but alas, i guess the koreans like those instances maps/dungeon as a
lot of their MMO are gearing towards that direction.

Paweł Olchowik says:

fighting system in this one looks definitelly better then in WoW. i also
guess that this is the reason why this game is so instanced – they couldn’t
deliver such fluency with tenths of players on screen, fighting with each

GarredHATES says:

God I loved the pvp in this game. I should go back.

moyga says:

If you have an old character that is level 24, do you get the free level
45? or do you have to get a character to level 24 during the event.

Bryce Garber says:

i might consider this but out of recently shown MMORPGs i think raiderz is
still better and i still play it and its much harder than this especially
the dungeon catacomb of the damned

Nerdgasm says:

I have been playing since closed beta and this game still keeps me pretty
entertained. 🙂 Honestly, I think giving up open world for open combat is a
fair trade. Open world, auto target point and click games are garbage
anyway. Btw, you may want to get to 50 before pvping. Just a tip.

Charles S. says:

You can play this game without money and still excel, it might be a little
harder to start up but you can still excel very well. Also, in EQUAL PvP,
how much money you spend into the game does not even matter. This is not a
pay to win game, you simply assume it because NX items give some extra

Elusive Gaming says:

you can play SEA version which is global by cherry credits 🙂

Zach R says:

dragon nest gets very hard actually as you get farther in. There is plenty
of challenge. Raiderz is pretty good too but much different mechanically
than dragon nest.

Donnie Darko says:

First 40 look at Nexon? You mean Dragon Nest 2:49-2:52

Vlaka says:

yet another generic korean mmorpg pile of shit. Thanks for the vid Force.

Iceman2584 says:

The store had a flashing icon on Gift Box Force, they prob offered you a
free box to entice you.

sonicxh5000 says:

hey force, nice game, if you liked this once plz take a look at Vindictus
from nexon, its allso combat based and you must aim and shizz but it looks
fantastic and its got some surprises in there

Joe Howe says:

holy lolifest…

vafeliite says:

It sucks that its only available at US and some Asian countries

JohnD212 says:

So if you wouldn’t pay a sub for this game and you don’t like a cash shop,
how would you expect the game to run?

xDemonOni says:

25:35 All the greenery are swaying in unison. Reminds me of a certain game
you recently did a video on..

UltimateGamer863 says:


Luky554sVk says:

And Force will you do First 40 for Vindictus ?

UltimateGamer863 says:

Y.O.L.O. HEY! (Unless your a budhist)

GrandvisionStudio says:

Nexon is available for US only, Cherry Credits Dragon Nest allows SEA &
European Countries although you will get 200+ or so ms lag if you’re from
Europe so PvP is unbearable but PvE is fine. Dragon Nest EU was in alpha
from November 23th and has ended. It will hopefully be released soon into
Closed Beta. I was an alpha tester and the game looks great for EU, 23 max
MS from United Kingdom, London. Come join in and sign up for Closed Beta!

lechihuahua1 says:

yea the trickster is new. played this before but i kinda like dragonica

Bruno Lemos says:

you should try Dragon Saga :p

Howbout Nope says:

the dungeons dont give that much xp, it’s the quests for the dungeons. i
lvl 24 and im enjoying it ALOT (i played 6 hrs yesterday and 3 today) it is
much funner with friends.

AZZA280 . says:

how to get for the uk ?

jhonatancl says:

The combat in this game is Awesome, and very satisfing when you get higher
lvl and have a bunch of awesome skills. So tried out

Scoat TheGoat says:

This game sucks

SkyPrince181 says:


overcell451 says:

Let me play in your pvp episode =D?

MrRlsquared says:

I live in central america and i cant play this game 🙁 makes me sad.


Play Dragon’s Nest SEA

henkaishi says:

Hehehe, Force, you’re a little bit late on this game for a first 40 😛 play
more though, it’s definitely worth it and way fun

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