Elder Scrolls Online PvP Gameplay – Angry Joe’s Impressions

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Angry Joe gives his impressions & review of the PVP World Battles in ESO! Here he plays as a DragonKnight Nord in the Ebonheart Pact storming various Keeps!

In between my Angry Reviews OtherJoe & I (along w/ many more friends) plan to do Let’s Plays on various upcoming & current games!

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hunter peck says:

I think as a gaming community, we are more picky than we used to be. A good
chunk of us (including myself) will not be convinced to pay a shit load of
money just to make monthly payments after, all to see IF the game is
enjoyable to us as individuals. The only way I would pay that monthly fee,
is if another HUGE revolutionary game came out, kinda like WOW back in
2004. ESO is not that huge, and doesn’t introduce anything we haven’t seen
before, they just put the things WE HAVE seen before into one game. Keep in
mind that I base these opinions off reviews I have seen, nothing else. You
know what would be revolutionary? If MMOs these days were actually fun if
you were playing with friends OR by yourself, rather than just with
friends. These days, MMOs are so fucking boring if your friends are not
online. Though I don’t expect that, it’s an MMO after all, your supposed to
be with people.

Aguijon1982 says:

BORING. Where are the hot chicks? Where are the sweaty asses and the
bouncing tits?? Where is the BLOOD?
This game SUX ASS


i don’t care how good the game is, i’m not paying a monthly fee.

DarkReaperHD says:

I have a question i dont have teso yet but im planning of getting it… I
really wanted to watch a walkthrough on ebon heart pack… would it spoil
it for me even if become a daggerfall covenant…. do they have a different

Danny Mars says:

This wvw map needs titans, forget siege weapons. Controlable titans… lol
titanfall did that … but mmo is next in line for unlocking titans for
getting kill streaks…… why are t heir no kill streak rewards in any pvp
mmo? Is it a bad idea?

Daniel Efian says:

which one do u prefer guild wars 2 or elder scrolls online??

crispers702 says:

It’s funny how so many people think wow is dead,actually is not dead wow
gets new players everyday like people quit,i can bet the people who quit
wow for this game are going to go back wow. Just like every other game that
thinks they can kill wow,im sure after a couple months elder scroll online
is going to be free as no monthly payments,why? Because a lot of people are
going to stop playing look what happend to rift,aion other games they
started with monthly payments intill they saw the game was going thats when
they decide to make it free to bring players back to the game.

I’ve been playing wow since vanilla and have try other games but nothing
compares to wow. 

MRArmageddonz says:

Omg your build is weak what are you building him as AD? 

Eliaznizzle Thaz Shitniz says:

It should not be F2P, but it should be one time purchase.

garrett steinhilber says:

wait what you get in single player or pve account for what you get in pvp
???? if so it might not be as good as i think BUT if not and you work your
ranks seperatly then i will give it a shot

Eric Schaefer says:

The video before this you talked about how boring it was. Now that it’s
released have you changed your mind? Do you find it to be more fun because
honestly Beta almost ruined it for me but I’m glad I decided to give it
another chance. So much more open world stuff to do, combat feels less
floaty, Even the fetch quests feel good. Thats just me but you haven’t done
a release video yet.

gsimon123 says:

Haha having not played either of the games it is pretty clear that the WOW
fanbase is incredibly butthurt that this game exists and are flocking to
vids to evangelize people back to their depleting servers. It will take
decades… but eventually even WOW is going the way of the dodo kids. Just
face it haha!

Eric Argoni says:

man i had some really high hopes for this game but that does not look like
its worth 60 dollars+ a sub. there is no innovation, nothing new here. if i
wanted to play the typical MMO why not just buy warcraft?? warcraft does
the typical mmo better than every competitor. 

konjoswa says:

50$ and 15$ a month this game can suck my hairy nuts

RektorGaming says:

I got the game, worth it 100% in my opinion *_*

Armageddon Ash says:

The combat is SHOCKING. I mean that is just terrible. It has some good
ideas but the combat is the games BIGGEST weakness. The graphics are nice,
the keeps well designed and look really cool. Love the idea of having to
rebuild once its taken as well.

Matimm121 says:

omg this game sucks so much

DarkshadowXD63 says:

Is it free to play yet?

TheUnknownRageStudios says:

I´m still waiting for this game in F2P…

bluebird says:

this is just chaos 🙁 the only true pvp scene was the 1v1. other than that,
there doesn’t seem to be much enjoyment in this game… and that makes me
terribly sad…

donnk says:

meh, nothing new. This is just like GW2 WvW or WoW AV

The Dood says:

I would never buy a game just for the PVP.

Lightning Dust says:

this game does look fairly promising, but honestly the combat doesn’t seem
as good as skyrim’s and dark souls. When I hit a guy with my great sword,
even if he’s blocknigg with as shield i expect some sort of effect other
then him losing stamina and/or health. In dark souls the combat is more
intense. when Joe was in his 1v1 even though it was a close fight I didn’t
feel like it was all that exciting… it was just button mashing it seemed

I might give this a try, but i think i’ll end up having more fun with dark
souls 2. But honestly these PVP sieges make me very anxious to play the

Andrew Cottrell says:

wow, w.o.w is dead

Taylor Benito says:

For those who have the game, can you be infected with Vampirism or

Ximbor says:

I really regret buying this game. It sucks major balls compared to GW2 WVW.
As for the non PVP aspect of the game OMG SO BORING!!!!!!!!!!! May as well
just go play skyrim if you want PVE because this game is garbage. Very

Ian Chivers says:

How are pings in australia? If pvp is this games saving grace but i cant
play not worth. Swotor pings are playable but unsteady (around 250-300ms,
jumps to over 1k occasionally) , gw2 pvp is impossible without being
kicked. At least with my service in sydney

TheChandles says:

ESO to me is basically $15 per month to play Chivalry Medieval Warfare.
Definitely not worth it IMO.

Kanaric says:

so this is not world pvp or anything like that it’s just battlegrounds,
still boring terrible pvp from what i see.

tired of factional instanced pvp games. Give us something different please.
Make a non-buggy shadowbane or a fantasy Eve Online instead of these WoW
pvp games. Or even do Lineage 2 style pvp. Just tired of wow-style

Etrao _ says:

Really Joe? You support ESO but completely bash WildStar? Wildstar is so
much more of a fun game and it has a much better combat system than this
piece of crap game that dares to even have the title of “Elder Scrolls”
imprinted on it. I have played both betas about 4-5 times, 2 of which were
early 2014ish and I can honestly say WildStar is a better buy than this and
I had more fun in WildStar and WildStar still has a few months until
release unlike ESO. What a shame that people are just in for this because
it has the “Elder Scrolls” title and denies that it is not complete crap
just because of that reason.

entragin99 says:

Thanks for the info but I’m still not sure about the 15 bucks a month. I do
have it preordered but I dunno.

TheNerdslayerShow WoWPaladinReference says:

you see this is why i dont like this idiot every single cliassic game or
any good game he give them a bad review like a dick head but every single
shitty ass game he give them a good one really? something wrong with

hd150 says:

i want a fallout MMO i can image raids and then people forming groups that
just wonder the waste and kill in its way

TheTeladoy says:

Wait a second you do a review of pvp being lvl 10? how can you peformn a
solid opinion with only that? I play eso and im not still veteran, but I
did pvp with lvl 10, 20, 30 etc and I know the difference between have all
your skills maximized, better gear, etc and not… and with lvl 10 pvp
is… bad compare to high level.

Yordan Andreev says:

I’ve been following Black Desert online for a few weeks and then I saw ESO.
MAN THIS GAME LOOKS LIKE SHIT! The combat looks like some lego figures are
Used to play Lineage 2 and WoW for 6-7 years and to be honest for a 2014
game this looks awful

Rafael Muniz says:

Wow that game looks great

iAmUzaar says:

I wish we just had something like Skyrim (but with Morrowind perk system)
with multiplayer. Not interested in generic mmo gameplay + paying a monthly
sub fee :T If it’s still going strong in a year maybe I’ll check it out but
SWTOR and WoW kind of turned me off from MMOs

Greg Nice says:

the graphics look horrible, please tell me they look better in game

otrebpr says:

OMG the graphics of this game are.. awful… horribly uncolored boring
stuff… i felt asleep… and the armors are TERRIBAD… the world is
horrible… the keeps are meh… idd like to try it but it is clearly not a
well made mmo… sorry..

Silverhorse1970 says:

you didn’t lead anything you were taking fire balls up the ass like a queer
at a gay bar. then I see you running around in circles. you sir are a moron
go back to playing pong.

Joshua19 says:

I hope they dont go f2p

Gustavo M's Trash Can says:

So basically, the same Guild Wars 2 WvW experience, but in a more “cooler”
fashion. And way smaller scale.

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