The Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay

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The Elder Scrolls Online gameplay.


Andrey Anyone says:

hmm can we add porno mods into tes online? cos if we cant – its bad game i
ever saw.

Go home Google You're drunk says:

ESO is going to end up like world of war craft and die off being popular in
ten years time 

Brandon Kreulach says:

Personally, I didn’t like Skyrim, I was more of an Oblivion fan. So when I
heard that they were bringing back Cyrodil as an area you can explore
again, I decided to look at the gameplay. Was I ever disappointed. This
game is so awful, that there are no excuses for how awful it is; plain and

my name says:

this would be a bad ass game for VR I would be addicted to it if that
happen be like SAO xD

un4giveable says:

fuck this skyrim shit off n make fallout 4 already!!!!!

chucky greeny says:

O yea and I think an mmo 3rd person shooter of fallout 4 would be more
interesting lol

Gio Eufshi says:

LOL even triviador is more interesting game :D

Jacob Nienaber says:


Tommy Wallace says:

This looks so crap. Skyrim is so much better.. This just looks like a time
wasting WoW piece of crap.

WyldV says:

wow this looks NO WHERE As good as the trailer. Smfh.. lol the trailer was
good but this game play looks awful

LoadingTheory says:

I hope this doesn’t play like a generic MMO. Up until now everything seems
down-graded from Skyrim.

Overwelmdn underated says:

How is this even Elder Scrolls? There are quickbars and targeting system?
Disgusting WoW knockoff

Josh Wheeler says:

looks like aight but not my taste i like elder scrolls don’t get me wrong
but will definitely have to try it to get a true opinion. Blizzard did
fuck up on warcraft with the pandaria exp it has no business even being
thought of its ridiculous and doesn’t fit it in anyway. I think they’re
trying to get back on track with the next one hopefully . BTW im not
addicted to it i just play every now and then 2-3 hours a week if that. but
i hope they keep up the story line and continue the story and game beyond

hempesthemperful says:

These guys sound fat.

Maypep Necro says:

Monthly fees ? No thanks. I could buy Elder Scrolls Morrowind 18 times for
the price of playing 1 year of ESO… 180 $ per year is just insane
compared to one pay time games that can be played over 10 years for only

30mmBalistic says:

Good luck with your monthly fee Fuckbags…

Jeremy Moore says:

Most people commenting must have never played an mmo in their lives, no mmo
has great graphics, but these are the best graphics of any mmo I’ve ever
seen. And games should not be all about the graphics at all, if you think
they are, you are no true gamer.

BrotherMohd Hanif says:

lot people complaining about this online version. im cancelled buy this
game. just play skyrim only. ;D

Marco Vieira says:

Id probably try the game out but never pay to play.

hempesthemperful says:

Copy of World of Warcraft.

Andres Arias says:

if zinimax was replaced by bethesda game studio it would be so better

Muaz Sabli says:


Memorizer92 says:

This is what I think they should do.

Make the game free to play, however add a sub option for people that can
afford it and give them special privileges. Also add a cash shop I think
they were going to do that anyway. 

Random Acer says:

This looks like World Of Warcraft which is the saddest game going for fat
american wankers. Unless they make this actually look like a “game” and
bring it to consoles, this is awful.

-CoV♢ says:

Someone wants to change his teso account for a gw2 account? 

Jack Doyle says:

To all the people complaining about graphics, rust is the most fun game
I’ve ever played in my life and the graphics are pretty bad… its about
gameplay, not graphics.

David Can says:

im still going to buy this.. no one is stopping me

King Kenny says:

this isn’t anything like skyrim gameplay or graphics its too arcadish.
fucking shame id love to see a skyrim style game made multiplayer, not
another wow rip off. 

Ben Heintz says:

It looks pretty good. It also looks like it could get pretty redundant
pretty fast :(… I’ll still buy it when it comes out, because I am
intrigued. I am not expecting the best game ever, because that always
leaves me disappointed. I really hope that this game can take the MMORPG
genre to the next level.

george nguyen says:

It looks like skyrim is better

tufanjose soszanalp says:


Rashane Thapa says:

tell me people, since im not an expert at mmos, is this worth getting? it
looks ok to me, but whats your opinions?

chucky greeny says:

If only they took the good graphics and amazing gameplay of skyrim and add
multiplayer and making the world larger through dlc then it’ll be an killer
game sigh :-(

plastimator says:

Will all you whiny fanfaggots shut up, this is gonna be FUN. fuck your
nitpicking, this elderscrolls is an MMO <---underlined for emphasis. it was never meant to be exactly like skyrim or oblivion or morrowind, ffs.... i am fed up of whiners man, just enjoy it, it will be better than every other mmo before anyway, what more could you want?

Mohd Hammad says:

It would be cool if there were to modes SP and MP

Sophie Sykes says:

Tbh, I was never really interested in the elder scrolls games, I played a
bit of skyrim, but never really got into it, and this doesn’t really change
my mind about these games 

Paranoid Hitman says:

World of Warcraft is not dead i play it and it has plenty off people, and
Warlords of Draenor is the most waited and anticipated MMO coming!

TheWhiteFaction says:

this looks too easy

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