EVE Online – Basic Combat and Gameplay

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Due to popular demand I’ve decided to showcase one of the later combat tutorial missions. Hopefully you’ll get a good idea of some of the more basic combat concepts, along with some general gameplay insight.

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Davor Zubcic says:

Total noob explains how to play the game …. this is like 2 y old child
explains how to drive a car….btw this video is so far from tutorial and
its useless

Raejohectic says:

Lol this game has the most complex character creation out of any game yet
most of the time you spend piloting a spaceship!!!

7Kiymaira7 says:

If anyone is interested in playing this game with a 21 day free trial
instead of the standard 14. Message me and I’ll send you a buddy invite.
(If you end up upgrading to a paid sub after or even during the trial, I
receive a Plex. I can then sell the Plex and I’ll be happy to split the
cash 50-50 with you in game) Start Eve rich.

taifhamid1 says:

so in this game you create a character that you won’t ever

Pristine Fresh says:

Oh So Your Gallente… CALDARI FOR THE WIN. -_- See you Greedy bastards in
the Battlefield.

Jonathan Johnson says:

I didnt even know how to fire my weapon.. how new i am. lol

ElectricAir42 says:

How did you get a catalyst with drones?

Ebby mics says:

Love it sty

darcslayer1 says:

boring game

dandil says:

you suck xD

Shawn Scientifica says:

I am considering playing this, however before I start I want to ask; does
this require spending a lot of money to achieve greatness in game? I don’t
mind spending money in a mmo, but I like it to be a one time thing with RL
money used primarily for aesthetic purposes or luxuries. I don’t want to
have to spend real money to buy hyperspace drives to jump 1 sector every 24

SunfireGTX25 says:

lol you’re funny to listen to!! True noob and it better explains for other
noobs exactly how expansive and massive this game is:) There is a lot of
patience required for this game. It is definitely for the more mature
gamer, unlike WoW, LoL or RTS games.

fusionmechanic1 says:

Dear god this is what i must looked liked so many years ago when i first
started the game lol clue less and hopeless lol. Also is eve is not a pay
to win like many games out there specially facebook games but does take a
lot of time investment.

Those of u who think its complicated its not u just need to not want
everything handed to u and actually take time to learn..if ur going to cry
and moan play wow, or star trek. Care bear games were developers put on ur
diapers and hold ur hands. 

Cubby Kovu says:

This looks fun but I don’t know if I would pay a subscription there are
games much like it that are only pay to own it and end off 

Thom Harris says:

good lord

Queen Chrysalis says:

It’s really endearing watching a new player try and wrap their head around
the fitting aspect of this game… Thinking of buying a cruiser class
railgun for your brand new Catalyst? Adorable.

I remember how it felt to be that confused.

Penguin Meister says:

Thank for those videos 🙂 You made me wanna give this game a try so i’ll
try the 14day trial first see how it goes, hopefully i get into it

Henry The Unicorn says:

Star Citizen is gonna be way better :P

Dee P says:

The game looks like shit

Corina Cornflake says:

is this game free or must i buy it ? If yes could you give me some info 

Klishar122 says:

Thanks for the video. Nice to get an understanding of what the game
actually looks like. As it is, the combat seems kind of slow-paced &
technical to me. Nothing to really get excited about.

BayleefSquad says:

I love how terrible the you tube community is, Good job mate great video, I
must say that I really enjoyed it. =)

RobSnake says:

in game micro transcations? or can i buy this game and play it witthout
buying anything else?

Daniel Jaspring says:

you would be able to dominate everyone if you had the U.S.S Enterprise.

Sushi says:

For those who wanna try it out, this is a extended free trial, as in it has
more time than normal trial. If you end up subbing i get rewarded 😀

Hexjinity says:

You sound like Strippin :o

Jared Fitzgerald says:

lol you had it right with 16,000m. 1000m in a km hahaha

2Guitarguy2 says:

Holy crap this game looks amazing.

Andrew S says:

Not my cup of tee.. It looked more interesting in the trailers.

Alexander O'Hern says:

You still play?

Iurii osetskyi says:

Video was funny but its much much more to the combat in eve. Much more.

skycrusher onaqw says:


Xena Zon says:

Thank you for a great video. It’s good to see someone play who doesn’t put
on any airs and doesn’t play know it all. Great job!! 

Samelia Smith says:

Too cofusing, I don’t even know what is happening. I’m sry but no, this
game is too hard to understand.

A MG says:

Love your vids. You still on eve?

hundegaga says:

the first minute i started the game, i immediatly loved it. i consider to
even pay for it.

skycrusher onaqw says:

I heard u have to pay monthly to play eve.. Is it true?, someone plz answer

MCShvabo says:

So basicly this game has best character creator ever but you are stuck at
looking ass of you spaceship more than 90% of time, but i’m not hating,
cool video mate.

xNepsteR says:

This game looks pretty good but also very complicated :D

Fuerta says:

where you creating slipspace at 10:00 or where you just gaining insane

Damir Siocic says:

I don´t know is it becouse you suck as player or is it just that this game
is peace of shit :D. Dumbest thing i have ever seen..

Jeff Lemke says:

hey guys want a free 21 days of eve online trial instead of the 14 days
click link and sign up

liam 15 says:

thought this guy sounded like David Brent 

Jayden Williams says:

I am bored out of my skull

uri frausto says:

thats just like the game of DUST 514

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