Eve Online Gameplay: Can a Daredevil Run a Level 4??…Yes…Yes It Can

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[i do not run missions for money]


Derek1978 says:

so painful

Haze FX says:

1st song; Fucking tune.

rrtube2k4 says:

Dude, you’re a freakin’ monster!!! Definitely love your take on PVE, the
fun aspect. As for your vids, love your creativity man! Keep on with the
vids, please. As for your fits, don’t stop ’cause they inspire my fits and
uses for them. Awesome!

MatthewDaManiac says:

How did you get the FPS counter? Nice video by the way! :D

Deadeye2907 says:

This makes me want to start playing again D: 

Vasqudo says:

Awesome job, Marvin:) and the mission you chose could not have been better
due to all those lasers. Eve sure is pretty. I just found your channel-
tons of vids, can’t wait t check them all:) I wonder could you do that
burner mission it similar DD fit?

TimberedHarborHero says:

I just started to play eve online 

pompodorius says:

Good stuff, out of the box for sure.

Melanie Izzo says:

real nice vid…
I like those little ships, it’s much more interresting than sitting in a
much more fun!!!

mhn3773 says:

Awesome! Really enjoyed the video, The music really set the scene =-)

Halubriel says:

fklSD n ePilept. ah please jlkñ call doctoooor,.

Jason Bunker says:

Whats the name of the first song when your explaining your fitting etc?
Nice video by the way, trying things out in Frigates to see how far you can
push them is always fun

zaqq says:

lol actually interesting. DD is a nice little boat. Good job sir o7

PhoenixShipYard says:

I would like to see you do (enemies abound 5/5) in that ship.

Sibestus Bererund says:

well, THATS not op….

knight3252 says:

what did you have for rigs?

kaizor27 says:

dat lazo0r show ! nice video!! ;)

Pluckie says:

Awesome Vid! but were do you and Zaqq get your music from? 

Ian Robinson says:

Purdy Lights….now I am blind!

Impressive display, I wouldn’t have thought 250 dps would be enough for a
level 4.

Karrrrrvex says:

what about dramiel??))

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