EVE Online Gameplay Part 14 (More Level 4’s)

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Started playing EVE Online 1 year ago today! Woot! Also shit gets annoying, enjoy! 😀


MrAlfuwolf says:

so did you get money for killing all the ships im new to watching you

flabmaster2000 says:

That looks pretty boring tbh….I’d wait to the release of Homeworld….

attack125 says:

first of all . DAMAGE CONTROL. skill it and use it.
second of all. shoot multiple targets. the way you fight your wasting
missiles and thus dps

Piotr Łuczak says:

Nudna Gra … nic sie nie dzieje ciekawego stoja i strzelają 

7Kiymaira7 says:

If anyone is interested in playing this game with a 21 day free trial
instead of the standard 14. Message me and I’ll send you a buddy invite.
(If you end up upgrading to a paid sub after or even during the trial, I
receive a Plex. I can then sell the Plex and I’ll be happy to split the
cash 50-50 with you in game) Start Eve rich.

TheDigitalGheko says:

holy fuck you’re boring >_>

Astralis Lux says:

This has convinced me that I don’t want to play this game anymore. It’s a
grind. Do you know if there’s a way to sell plex?

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