Eve Online Gameplay

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Tagging along on a level 3 mission to kill some dudes. With the sudden realization that I’m no where near experienced enough to battle level 3 pirates.


Kyle Forge says:

did you know you can try this game for free for 14 days from eves website
no credit card required ?? with the link im giving you (called a buddy
invite) you can extend that trial to 21 days

curtishughes says:

Perhaps instead of sitting watching videos you should take advantage of the
14 day free trial which will allow you to get a make a more educated
decision on wither you want to “pay to play” any longer.

SETHBOB424 says:

Average age of a WoW player is 28. Average age of an Eve player is 27.
We’re one in the same, friend. Nice try, though. Back to my game with 8x
Eve’s playerbase!

Puzzoozoo says:

The moral is if you want to mix it with the big boys you gotta have a ship
that can take it as good as you can dish it out. Get earning those isk, and
learning those skills.

deathstreaks says:

haha kid.

coventryboy68 says:

Try EVE once your balls drop….. stick to WOW til then

Cherubim666999 says:

reminds me of freelancer…

RstGFroteros says:

its cool cuz of the graphics and when u make friends and start pvp etc , it
gets real fun

Michael Davis says:

no, i just love to play fun games 🙂 are you mad at my opinion of a very
boring dull game?

Michael Davis says:


SETHBOB424 says:

I’ll never get to that through all the boring shit.

Michael Davis says:

this game looks very boring

godsend1989 says:

“nice” combat

RouteofAges says:

This game has excellent graphics. And for people who like the freedom to
choose their path and strategy on a grand scale, for fans of space games
and sci-fi (I also like star trek online and Earth and Beyond when it was
out) this is a good game. Its a pretty big learning curve but if you train
your skills right, there are quite a few things you can do after the first
few weeks to a month. Get with a corp (guild) and play with some cool
people and its plenty of fun.

gonzalez713tx says:

I have never played this game and I dont know why but I think Im gonna like

Hassan Warraich says:

is it fun

Braje Halilovic says:

What in the fuckkk is this bullshit

Adelita Phoenix says:

I don’t think I am the only one who came here looking for a glimpse of what
the gameplay was like. This game does not look entertaining.

luchvk says:

Just watching this game it does not look very interesting, but I guess I
can see where people are coming from. I’d compare this to chess, based on
what people say, not very entertaining to watch but for the players it can
be an intense game going on.

Eric Avila says:

It looks like kubrick designed it.

Jordan Maddox says:

“That response was very educated…” – Said no one ever.

LightThePrince says:

Не играл в EVE, но раз в нее играет более 300тыс человек, то можно
прикинуть, что она стоет того. А вот с “Crysis” сравнивать не надо. Мало
того, что Крайзис – шутер, так еще и говно полное. Крутая графа вовсе не
значит, что игра хорошая.

ribtin says:

The music is amazing! I needz it!

Puzzoozoo says:

No, you have the opinion of someone with no patience to take the time to
learn a game. Once you really get into Eve Online and understand it its far
from boring.


nice but boring game

luchvk says:

It looks like it can be cool to play, if you put enough time into it like
you said. Though, it’s too bad I can’t try it yet. Right now I’m playing
Dust (Beta), it’s pretty cool to try out if you have a ps3.

Ross Puddy says:

Well this game isn’t nicknamed ‘spreadsheet simulator’ for no reason

Michael Davis says:

yea i tried playing this game for a good hour, and figured out that the
game sucks.

JoolzCro says:

is there any game similar to colony wars nowadays?

XR4turbo says:

I like the music.

Gerardo Elox says:

Music is really amazing

coventryboy68 says:

this is the most boring vid of EVE… I was in a 300 vs 300 fight last
night. 23 kills… lost a 350mill battleship…. why cant this guy make
films about that?

ndalby187 says:

haha i’ve killed the guy you were flying with

Stormchoirs says:

So is your life.

curtishughes says:

You’ve never played Eve before then?

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