EVE Online – Info and Gameplay

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Basic information about EVE Online, and some gameplay footage.

This is primarily targeted at people who want to try the game but need some information before they start. Hopefully this will make you understand the game more, and ultimately get you into the game if you like what you see in the video.

Apologies in advance, since English is not our native language.

We recommend you watch the video in Full HD (1080p).

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GreenTheater says:

wow…. this game looks so boring. really… how can someone immagine to
make a mmo for flying spaceships… spaceships fights should be pure
action… when you said ” you dont control the ship with WASD” … I was
like… wtf really? man it looks too boring for me you just have to click?
no way…

John Kapalidis says:

has the eve online on the steam unlimeted time

Rasmus jonatan Alsing says:

Man shit looks boring!!!!!!
Try to take a look at “Star Citizen” it is better graphics first person,
and plus it will come out on pc as well as next gen!!!!!

Romulaan says:

It’s a strange notion indeed, not playing such a game with WASD. The point
is, however, that this isn’t really a full-on action game. It’s more of a
virtual world, where you are on your own (until you ally yourself, of
course). It’s incredibly diverse and the game-mechanics require you to
“think” as much as you play. I also like the way they handled the whole
death thing, which is quite unrealistic in games like STO (Star Trek

Sun Wukong says:

I wonder how much interaction is between this game and Dust.

SuicideSolution says:

Looks like Descent Free space 1 and 2. Awesome

byron papageorgiou says:

it looks like pay to win

Luis Bp says:

I’d give it a try. but a sub per month is just too much for my wallet

Lorenzo Andre says:

for me, nice graphics, boring gameplay.

RapperStatusEnt says:

This game looks stupid 

locknloadbitch says:

Hey guys if you wanna try it out, here’s a link for buddy program. 21 days
for free ! (Official EVE website)

J Clark says:

This looks immensely boring. 

TheZBroZa says:

It costs insanely much

danutter2012 says:

I like how u rejected a guy cuz he had a quiff but made no comment on a
guys who’s hair colour was different to his beard’s

Yor Highness says:

This is perhaps the most boring game ever.

motherbrain says:

ok, now I’ve seen it, can’t imagine playing a game without atleast 10
buttons to use in combat…

emann538 says:

I wanna play as a pirate in EVE but it kinda looks intimidating. What
profession do you recommend to a new player?

Axel2Late says:

That doesnt make it good,still shitty hardware…. as expected from Apple.

TheRaellz says:

Requires a subscription though.

Stay Tuned says:

I should have bought this game, instead of Surgeon Simulator 2013… 🙁

waseem ishaq says:

is this game free ?

meneertje gaatjenietsaan says:

just go play star trek online better graphics and easier to understand and
its space and ground combat;)

Stay Tuned says:

The iPhone? Not at all.

Stay Tuned says:

What phone do you have?

liam noble says:

What are you, 14?

Axel2Late says:

You can’t be serious…

TheRaellz says:

You might want to look into the X3 games. They’re kind of like EVE but
single player with NPC warring factions.

XZoidTecGamerX says:

Very very nice information man i and i will check this game out, it sounds
very interesting and it is bringing my attention.

DarkenPacific says:

Its so large it take up 20 Gigs

KleptomaniacGaming says:

Game looks cool but its shit like WoW because its Pay-To-Play! No unlimited
time for free users!

gbaby627 says:

Macs blow cock. And Steve Jobs is dead.

Stay Tuned says:

Apple iPhones are the most soled phone in the World.

Phill Taylor says:

thank you for the video, was nice to get some info on what eve online is

Jerry Lino says:

Cool voice. You sound like Raul Julia.

Zak Adams says:

got your target audience covered, very informative

Rob Andrews says:

Very informative thank you.

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