EVE Online – It Begins – Gameplay

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Highlights from EVE Online’s initial hour.

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7Kiymaira7 says:

If anyone is interested in playing this game with a 21 day free trial
instead of the standard 14. Message me and I’ll send you a buddy invite.
(If you end up upgrading to a paid sub after or even during the trial, I
receive a Plex. I can then sell the Plex and I’ll be happy to split the
cash 50-50 with you in game) Start Eve rich.

くの says:

This game looks really bad and boring.
How can people play this?. I never played, though I almost fell asleep
during this video

Solomon Gustavas says:

Guys gamespot is retarded.
They are showing the most boring thing possible, this is not how the game

iAMLegend2v says:

Wow looks super fucking boring. Sorry, dont kill me guys. 

Puzzoozoo says:

Minmatar, trust in the rust.

Dai mon says:

Kiddies want immersion games for next gen consoles, this is one of the most
immersive games and they dislike it, they just want stab people and run and
camp like in COD. Too complex for you?

Joel Nelson says:

Anyone played galaxy on fire on your mobile or tablets? This is pretty much
the same……….you have to fight against bandits i believe? Mine ores
from meteorites and all that kind of stuff.
I believe there is also PvP ? 

Yasser Dammak says:

Apart from the video, it’s too sad Eve isn’t Free to Play. I’ve always
wanted to try it but couldn’t afford to buy it

D347h54rg3n7 says:

Optimal weapon ranges and defensive sub systems, learn how they work
watching you play is like watching paint dry

Eipok Kruden says:

He spent most of his time in autopilot… I’m not sure if he’s
intentionally misrepresenting the game or if he really doesn’t know he can
jump manually, but this is the most boring thing in EVE that he could have
possibly shown.

D Sandman says:

I’d consider TRYING eve if I didn’t know people who’ve played for years and
still are piloting weak little cargo ships.

nukeclears says:

no thanks, ill wait for star citizen.

Linkjoy123 says:


Fourz Ell says:

Game of the decade this is

lasvista2tech says:

Of all the possible gameplays, he plays a tutorial mission and puts the
ship on auto pilot for long waits…I have nothing to say.

D347h54rg3n7 says:

Auto pilot as a high light really? Also that crud gets you shot low sec,
and is much slower than manual flight

Causing Nirvana says:

I really want to get into this game but I really dont get it

RyBread564 says:

this game is amazing! this video doesn’t give it justice

Joseph says:

This seems kind of boring to me. Maybe I’m just not the target audience
for this kind of game. :(

sasukeadejoh1 says:


bigbloodymess says:

Buy Microsoft flight sim and invert your computers colours, you now have
this boring piece of shit

Phoenix Wright says:

I watched this video, and my insomnia? Cured! Thanks, CCP!

george barry says:

Wow… Why dont i just turn on my screensaver.

Slick Reed says:

I dont know why people are getting pissed this is the game this is one of
many activities you do in game and you do it alot . This is auto pilot but
its still the game like it or not lol

KorvanShedai says:

Five minutes of autopilot and no commentary -.- really? I know the game can
be boring as hell (been playing since march) but even care bearing can be
more exciting than this dren. Pod yourself sir, or at least uninstall.

mariss711 says:

5min of autopilot ? what the hell do you have against eve ? Why make it
look so boring ?

Subversion says:

Way to present a game… There’s not a possible way to show what EVE’s all
about in just 8 minutes. Not saying these people are doing that. But people
who have never played it get a first impression, if they’ve never seen it.
And with that, they judge the game. THINK before you make a video damnit!

foolchecker123 says:

No voice commentary and crap gameplay. I am an EVE player and I <3 EVE but
even I must say this video is awful !

Godin The Killer says:

What in the actual fuck are you doing?

jesse dupere says:

Good ill see it i need some sleep right now anyways .

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