Eve Online Solo PvP Gameplay: Solo Dual Tank XL-ASB Vexor

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The stream is going very well gaining new followers every night! Please donate Ships/Isk to keep the pvp rolling! Heres a few clips with a ship ive been falling in love with…The XL-ASB Vexor


Marvin Boyd says:

+Butch OSP pilot didnt disconnect he was their for the duration of the
fight and even told me to pod him since he was a goonswarm pilot probably
far from home.

Z Ma says:

Did that brutix just run out of ammo? Wow……

Feamelwen says:

I’m sorry, but this game looks extremely boring to me.
To someone who has never played it, it looks like some very dull, slow
action with lots of statistical bullshit to pretend it’s “complex”. It
doesn’t feel at all like being in space. Hell, 1985’s Elite felt much more
like really being in space … Anyway, glad you and others enjoy it. To
each his own, I guess. 

ZekeMagnum says:

i wanted to try this game but i dont get the UI in this game.. .you cant
even see your screen dammit ?

anthony pizzi says:

very impressive fight with that brutix…. if you want a real challenge
find me and my maller sometime :D

JonnyPew says:

such a shame that brutix pilot burnt his guns

zaqq says:

lol nice vid man, dat asb bruh!

Drew Everts says:

Soo…. the Brutix ran out of ammo? Have you lost your mind using light
drones against BC’s?

Moments says:

you are over repping

rrtube2k4 says:

Think it would be possible to share this fit? 

Serge Ostrovski says:

Brut def burnt his top rack, but who cares, great kill

Bloody Nekses says:

why no heavy drones?

19Tharg76 says:

Great Brutix brawl – Ashitsu not….

Theon Severasse says:

I’m not sure why you would eject your cargo as you were dying to the
brutix. All you had was ammo and cap boosters anyway, so it’s not like it
makes a difference if that is in your cargo or in a jetcan surely?

Lewis radford says:

Thaty brutix fight just wow buttcheeks firmly clenched

Blood Ruin says:

That reload tho…. +1

steveo13987 says:

Ejecting your cargo is not only a dick move but total fail you fight to the
end and the winner gets the loot

flippowei says:

why do you use an armorplate if it’s shield tanked?

Thomas Lück says:

Nice kill man!! Will try your fitting 🙂 +1

Stu Pendisdick says:

Pilot skills and experience won this fight, not loadouts.

Butch OSP says:

Brutix disconnected, I think…

OrdioSoul says:

Well played man.. You think you’d have won if the Brutix didn’t burnout
it’s guns? Really tight fight that bet you had some adrenaline going? :)

Marco Creen says:

That Brutix pilot was BAD.

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