Star Citizen Vs Eve Online : The Discussion (Gameplay/Features/Communities)

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With his on going coverage of all the big sand box space based games, CaptainShack is continually getting comments comparing CCP’s “Eve Online” to the up coming Chris Roberts title, “Star Citizen.”

Eve Online Vs Star Citizen. What could Eve take from Star Citizen? What could Star Citizen learn from Eve Online? Discuss in the comment below!

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Klaus Funkwagen says:

it’s sad how fucking boring eve online is

Luke Logan says:

It’s the exploration in star citizen that’s got me voting for it. but
sadly, I have a mac, which I installed windows on, and now I have no sound,
constant crashes, much less space, and much less ram. EVE online, however,
might actually be able to run on my beloved macbook air, but, I simply
can’t pay a subscription fee. X3 and elite: dangerous both sound good, but
they both share the same problems as star citizen. I’m left almost
depressed by the fact that I won’t be able to get any of these wonderful
space MMOs and simulators unless I get enough money to build a PC, which
won’t happen in YEARS, and by the time I do, space MMOs and simulators
won’t be in the trend of games, or being made or developed.

Allan Costa says:

I want to get into EVE so so so bad… but the fact that all I hear about
the game is that it’s a spread sheet simulator with space in the background
just really sets me off. Well that and the massive learning curve. I’ve
been looking to get into some sort of MMO space sim to hold me over for SC
and EVE looks cool, especially when I look at some of the massive player
fleet battles, but I want to enjoy the battles, not be absorbed by the math
of the game.

eddieisfiction says:

Honestly though, if star citizen wants to replace Eve Online, it can’t be
instanced, and it can’t rely on NPCs to do the jobs that players can do.
I’m sorry, but no matter how cool and unique Star Citizen is, it can’t
take the core mechanics that make people come back to Eve Online and say,
you know what, forget that. You need a player run economy. It has to be
one world. You need to have massive battles, and you need territory people
can control and build on. I might still play Star Citizen when it
launches, and I’m sure I’ll have some fun… but without the other stuff
that Eve Online has, it’s going to get stale, and I will stop playing it. 

Cameron Vadnais says:

The truth is CCP is really good at selling you a dream, that’s about it.
The only interesting parts left of EVE are the parts that aren’t likely to
ever happen. If Star Citizen can manage to just have the space, FPS, and
social parts all in one persistent universe in a reasonable time frame
they’ll have outpaced EVE by light years.

I could go on a tangent about how terribad DUST514 was, but I wont. Even
though i’d really like to

Donovan Attano says:

there are some points where ccp should ignore there players such as makeing
changes to there game like station walking ect 

SmalltimR says:

Eve Online’s weaknesses is brought on by it’s sheer lack of common sense.
Which is further compounded by the utter BS CCP has been trying to pass off
as a sandbox game. Which is then further compounded by what I’d call one of
the worst set of space sim gameplays ever to be put online. Which leaves
most of it’s players saying WTF and WHY CCP WHY!, at ever turn.
Beyond that there’s the ever so archaic subscriptions driven game
environment. Which again… leaves players saying WTF and WHY CCP
WHY! Exception of course, where this time, everyone and there dog knows
exactly why CCP is doing things the way they are. 🙂

In the 8 years I’ve spent playing Eve, I’ve come to the conclusion that CCP
just isn’t intuitive as a gaming company. ie, in my view, they just lack
imagination and intuitiveness. Everywhere I look, I can think of massively
obvious; oversights and poorly designed gameplay mechanics, lack of detail,
lack of logic and reason, desperate attempts to force players into
ridiculously narrow outcomes, broken promises, dead end investments and
ventures, and quite possibly one of the worlds most repetitive, lacking of
every sense of imagination grinding systems. I mean… seriously CCP!…
you have the equivalent of a board game space sim and you this is the best
you can do for player grinding? Is it even any wonder that the game is
permeated with ISK farners? – take a hint!

Anyways, it feels like I could write an entire book on the CCP’s
foolishness and lack of creativity with Eve Online. Which is typical of a
company that has had far too much money and not nearly enough capacity to
use it wisely. And so to that I’d say, good riddance Eve Online. You had
more than your fair share of time deliver the ultimate space sim. But you
squandered your resources on nonsense and foolishness instead. And so now
you’re going to pay the price. – beating dead horse 

Dean Gelber says:

First off great vid and i agree with every point you made but I feel this
video is very out dated and there are new developments that need to be
touched on. 1. The massive pile of shit that is Dust 514 is being
completely scrapped. It is however going to be revamped as “Legion” which
will be for PS3 PS4 and PC and will be entirely integrated. 2. Valkyrie
will actually be integrated into EVE as well with dogfights among capitals
and the like. And finally 3. Big changes are indeed happening to EVE such
as new visuals as well as a hinted at new area of space which may or may
not be called “Capsuleer Space” which will exist in an entirely different
cluster than the main New Eden cluster.

5000cz says:

it’ll be pretty badass if both universes combined in a future dlc. Like a
wormhole anomaly opens in the star citizen universe and a flaming Titan
suddenly warp in and the SC battle fleet engage the titan due to the sudden
confusion. But then it turns out the damaged titan were actually running
away from a bigger threat, like a new alien ship or something. Then both
the titan and the SC fleet team up to engage the new enemy. The SC fleet
and titan win the battle, but suffer heavy losses. Suddenly, a larger
wormhole opens up and not one, but an entire armada of the new enemy ships
warp in and the fight continues. It would be the players job to push back
the invaders, or perish trying to do so. Like when the SC fleet is almost
completely destroyed, the strongest corp from Eve warps in their entire
fleet and also engage into the battle. The rest can be determined by the

Hector Woods says:

CCP mentioned they might work on an improved version of DUST for PC,
although it would be better if they just added it to the main game…

Captain HighHorse says:

Eh, lets stop talking about star citizen. Most over hyped game EVER. You
fans of star citizens are setting yourself up for disappointment, Just like
all the ESO fan bois did. Then when it releases, you will all whine and cry
about it until it fades away into history. I have read SO many of the forum
posts on the star citizen website and it is almost sad. Not saying it’s
going to be a bad game, but it WILL NOT live up to 90% of its fans

bukueOner says:

Dude i’m right there with you. I gave up on eve a while ago and i was just
getting interested in it again (as you do), but then i remembered what they
did with dust and i can’t in good conscience support ccp after that
monumental fuck up. It’s like they turned around to their pc market and
said “We know you’ve supported us for the last decade, but fuck you we’re
putting this on an outdated console.” The pc community has solely supported
them and their endeavors and they turned their back on us in favor of a
console community that had no clue what the fuck eve was. That was the last
straw in ccp’s line of complete fails and until they right their wrongs i
will never support them again.

Bob EU says:

The problem with EVE online is it requires almost no skill to play,
everything is based on numbers and works itself. There is no avoiding shots
unless you got a upgrade or your gun accuracy if decreased even though you
can hit it if you can control it. Also to add star citizen got a new engine
and make millions of dollars, I bet they can pull off only 1 server.

Money Editor says:

apparently star citizen beats shit out of eve

Edwin Vermeulen says:

Problem with Star citizen i have atm, is that its still verry hyped up.
Most of the things that are said to be better then eve online, are still on
paper, or in such early testing phase that little can be said about it. Eve
online has been there for 11 years, it started at a time where, Mmo based
space dogfighting techonologically wasn’t doable.

That said there are a few more things about eve that are considered plus
points that Star citizen just can’t promise, or deliver. First of all is
the basic company concept. Ccp is an established multibillion company that
doesn’t need to rely on donations to reach benchmarks. They have multiple
offices, and monetary garantees that the’ll be able to keep developing
there game. They don’t need to cut and scratch, or rework certain areas
because funding ran out, there only limit is technological possiblity and
time investment. Star citizen however still is in its build up phase. What
they want to do, might not always be possible. Further more, Eve has been
able to balance things constantly over the last decade. For Star citizen
they need to realisticly spend there time in either development or
balancing. A choice wich will always keep some people unhappy.

About the video, while its true that eve has a verry slow integration of
new things and systems, and not all of them are the prefered choice for all
players, they do try to bring in to new things, not only branches but also
player bases. Dust 514, has some unique characteristics that give promises
to the eve universe that no other game before has done, the interaction
between 2 different live games, on different platforms. You can actually
shoot and kill people in Dust in Eve. That technology will be available for
many more projects wich should be released as individual games. Suddenly
changeing Eve in a dogfighting style game, would just not work,
integrateing a fighter simulation as valkyrie, as well as the ground combat
like dust does. Interaction exist while people will be able to play there
playstyle. Also Eve has hundreds of different ships, with thousands of
different modules that can be combined in billions of diffrent ways, next
to the fact that the combat mode is not an arena or fixed size playing
field. In theory a 1 vs 1 can escalate into a battle of thousands of
people, or just stay 1 vs 1.

I do not know if star citizen is only currently limited to instancing for
they calculation part of its game. Maybe in a few years the technology, and
funds exists to forgo that. But to me it would rather be dissapointing if i
would hear that one of my star citizen friends would be under attack, and i
can’t go to him because the instance is full. Instances, unless they find
something niche, unfortunatly still benefits PvE or possible allows certain
PvP exploits. Again something we can’t tell yet.

While interaction with ground station and space is a good concept, another
game also has that concept, Star trek online. Also a great game, but in
many cases you do not have the option to do your specific playstyle. As of
now, the only featured things of star citizen are, lose modules, things
that keep us the players certainly intrested and looking forward, but none
of those modules alone can be compared with a fully functional game. Its
like comparing jars of paint with the mona lisa. The potential to be better
is there, but untill its finished you just can’t tell.

joe black says:

star citizen is beauty but no brains. but eve online, got both.

Bob Newman says:

EvE is a fun game, but has an awful company running it. They slammed me
with a $70 stealth payment and then banned my account when I told my bank
to cancel it, and then messaged them to terminate my subscription for the
game I hadn’t played in months. When I asked them why they did that I was
told that it was because I was allowed 1 week of game-time without paying,
and that I could “unlock” my account if I bought a PLEX for $20. I told CCP
to go to hell and never looked back. Pity, it was a fun game.

Spacemike2 says:

1 major factor you forgot to mention that compares Eve and Star Citizen:

How you pay to play the game.

By that I mean, Eve constantly makes you pay to keep playing and has no
‘lifetime subscription’. While for Star Citizen, you can get the game and
play what they have now for less than $60.

That was one thing that influenced my thoughts on eve, because I don’t want
a leach, I want 1 payment and done.

Hank Wright says:

You forgot that EVE also has no real physics in it. Your ship behaves as if
you’re in a lighter than water fluid, with friction and all the like. 0 G
yes but things in space that move keep moving, not so in eve. EVE is not a
space simulation. Economy maybe. Tactics sure. But not physics.

twizzlemadizzle says:

Comparing EVE to Star Citizen, is like comparing an Apple to an Orange.
They are both fruit, yet completely different.

King Roosta says:

When it comes out I would love to see one of these for all four Star
Citizen, Elite Dangerous and No Man’s Sky. One big epic SciFi Space
Exploration Expo. I really think people looking for a Space Exploration
game would be interested. Another Vs. I’d love to see is Hawken vs.
Mechwarrior Online.

Voodoo8648 says:

Star Citizen looks like an expensive & seriously watered down version of
EVE with FPV dogfighting…..And….

a micro transaction based money pit 

GenFalcon says:

EVE is terrible, those whom don’t just sit and station trade (who should
really get a life and real life trade/stocks) the rest are all assholes!
people gank, suicide, troll, scam, and war dec carebears. Its a horrible
place and I hope Star Citizen is nothing like it.

cdabe says:

EVE online you don’t have to worry about hackers. Any shooter game is going
to have them and ruin the fun for most people. I expect Star Citizen to
have a similar fate.

Hank Wright says:

Sry bro 0.0 is Null sec. 0.4, 0.3, 0.2, 0.1 are low sec. Anyone who played
for 6 years would know this and how important it is in EVE. I call BS.

Just so you understand. In null sec, there is no security. It is “Legal” to
do anything. Kill anyone. In Low sec however you can break laws without a
response from concord, but you will take a hit on you rep. In high sec…
well you kill someone without kill rights? You will be killed by concord.
You’re not even “allowed” to get away. You will be punished right there.
One way or another.

EarlRegent says:

I hope Eve does not go away and most of the players continue playing it.
This is not because I think Eve is a better game, in fact, I’m a major Star
Citizen fan. I simply don’t want the horrific Eve mentality contaminating
Star Citizen. We can do without those unrelentingly horrible and paranoid

impactofredemption says:

Spread sheet v fps space sim.. hmm wonder what will draw more people.. The
only way CCP could compete with Star Citizen is if they released Valkyrie
as an actual MMO.

Ahmad Al-Sarraj says:

+CCP Games +CCP Games LSN TO THE DUDE!! We Need more Incorporating of
Dust514 into EVE.. and make it on PCS as well!! and u guys better make a
hell of a job on this EVE: VALKYRIE !! and connect it somehow into
EVEOnline! Imagine if a Frigate pilot can land on a planet, then the game
transform into DUST514! I dunno i’m jus’ sayin.. each planet can be like a
different server! lol maaan the potentials are unlimited. think out of the
box.. Equation of EVEOnline + DUST + Valkyrie = Unlimited Possibilities =
Unlimited Funding = Unlimited Fun = WORLD PEACE xD 

Whitestripes08 says:

I wouldn’t say EVE is large in scale… it’s massive. With that being said
though, I think the scale of the two games are what really set the two
apart. In EVE, you can’t really be running around alone out there. It a
must to join a corp, because in the long run it’s a more profitable
decision to play with others instead of being alone. Not to mention that
EVE will chew you up and spit you out if you make the slightest mistake.
The community won’t really help you either since the mentality in most
moderately big corps are “How much ISK are you going to bring us?” Not to
mention that any player interaction is always filled with conflict and
drama which gets really old… You’re more likely to make enemies in EVE
rather than friends.

Star Citizen will probably never really have big conflicts with the way
they’re going to have instances. But I do really like the idea of
everything being governed by the player’s skill rather than behind the
curtain dice rolling. It makes combat scenarios more random and
interesting. I also like how you don’t necessarily need be in a guild or
corp with people. I imagine participating with other players will make the
game easier, but I like the idea of hiring npcs as crew members for large
ships and that there are activities like racing and arena commander where
there are less risk with your “real” ships.

Howard Treesong says:

“0.0 is low-sec in EVE”. No it’s not… 

Walter Moxley says:

With the coming of Star Citizen, it is our responsibility as the player
base, both for EVE and Star Citizen, to do everything we can to make Star
Citizen into the EVE that we’ve all been waiting for. Make Star Citizen
with everything EVE has, and more!

I admire how EVE has a single server that everyone works in, with Star
Citizen. The developers of Star Citizen discussed a mechanic called Cloud
Instances.This could allow for the other players in separate instance, but
same place to still interact with each other. Other players in other
instances would be show in as background, until approached. then that
player would transfer to their instance when close enough.

I have hopes that Star Citizen will have the same massive environmental
EVE, if not, greater. Remember, it is our responsibility as the player base
to bring this into effect. 

SgtTeddybear66 says:

Instancing isn’t going to be as bad as they say.

They are going to have an individual server for different things, so what
they plan on doing is having ‘bubbles’ where you play in, but, at the same
time, you can see and shoot others outside the ‘bubble’ you’re in. Only
when players are too far away do you not see them.

Only time will tell how this works, but if they pull Star Citizen off….
Goodbye social life.

eagle stef says:

I don’t understand why people are compairing these games. I mean EVE online
is great and Star Citizen seems like an amazing game to me as well. These
are two completely different games in some aspects. And some people love
EVE, like myself. And other people just think that SC will be very good.

SmalltimR says:

Eve should of died eons ago. And it survived because there were no other
Now that space sims are back in the hot seat, Eve’s days are numbered.
Which shouldn’t be surprising at all actually, given CCP’s foolishness, I’m
of the position that games like Star Citizen will actually be putting them
out of their long drawn-out misery. 

lexwaldez says:

The only similarity I can see is that they both have ships in space.
Totally, totally different. EVE is a sim and takes a LOT of thought.
Star Citizen is multi-player Privateer. I don’t think either is a bad
thing. It’s like comparing a strategy game to an arcade game.

Nyctophiliac Angel. says:

What’s the background music called? 

TheP4gan says:

I really enjoyed EVE but I rage quitted and never came back. I was a
merchant and with a buddy I was on a buy low sell high trip. I had the
cargo and he was scouting every gate before I jumped. After what seemed
like an hour of travel it was the last gate. His phone died out and I
thought fuck it lets jump in and fly to that station. As soon as I jump in
I get locked down and destroyed. That feeling of rage was overwhelming lol.

Cullen Colburn says:

Hey TGN.. awesome job on the overview.. and im not just saying it to be
nice.. I rarely write comments and have NEVER got into EVE.. played the
trial and just didnt work for me.. BUT.. the way you explained EVE and the
news you mentioned about EVE, made me so intrigued, I just installed EVE
(again).. A lot of people give comments on how EVE is so good and the best
MMO, but never really go in depth on why, like you have.. And if they do,
they kind of just bash the other mmo’s while giving their opinion on EVE.
There is always two sides to a story and you are doing a great job of
achieving that while comparing two games side by side.

lamppost904 says:

Way too soon to even compare a game in pre-alpha and a full released game
that has been running for 11+ years.
I also love how everyone thinks that they are experts of star citizen when
it isn’t even out. Conjuring up unheard of information and exactly knowing
what the game is going to be like as if they played it, its all subject to
change right now. You are NOT experts you ARE newfags, i’m a newfag, you’re
a newfag, get over it.

TheManiacNathan says:

Star Citizen Vs Eve Online how can we Discussion when they’re not the same
type of game eve is a mmo but Star Citizen look more like a sim like the X
P.S on the dust 514 if they put it out on PC fine with it but PS4 just no

icospawn says:

haha can now say star citizen won

darkfalc007 says:

Star citizen will be probant mire realisstic. You’d day rconomy is a
drawback? Nope I won’t believe in the Fact that players the only working
people in eve. In star citizen, the players are a small fraction of the
people inhabiting the galaxy. And npcs will act like players according to
the market, investing, ganing, losing etc. Npc exept for the goverment are
to be autonomous from the developers.

You can say that the scale is a problem. Well it will be for Some time, but
cig will be constantly optimizing the servers and out internet will get
better, so the instancing matne won’t dessapear but from about 6 players
now will grow to 50 in a year or two. And fifty people is enough two have a
nice Battle when the detail in shit control is so high.

Idgarad Lyracant says:

Eve suffers from the fact the the bulk of power is in the hands of less
then 30 people. They just blew over a trillion isk because of one person.
The game is being held hostage by an elite 1%, comprised of 5 massive power
blocks who keep sending a CSM who’s only interest and motivation is
protecting that 1%.

Dragonitsch l. says:

Sry, but Star Citizen WILL have thousands of Players on ONE server…

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