EverQuest 2 Extended Gamescom 2010 Trailer [HD]

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EverQuest 2 Extended Gamescom 2010 Trailer [HD]
Developer: SOE
Release: Now
Genre: RPG
Platform: PC
Publisher: SOE
Website: http://everquest2.com/
Quest with other heroes in a new premium MMO free adventure service. Portions of the critically acclaimed PC franchise have been liberated to online adventurers at no charge. No subscription or software purchase is required for a free membership. You can play online up to level 80 without a credit card.
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Derek Huey says:

this looks epic as hell.

Skijaramaz says:

@Haystvids I could not agree more. fuck wow. EQ2 for the win!

TyphonPlume says:

Interestingly enough, the over all available classes and races, as well as
in game options still out do WoW. I find it amazing that folks still go for
something that has been simplified and slimmed down when compared to this.

shade231 says:

they should have used the original trailer. This one fuckn sucks.

Haystvids says:

@IngloriousSob Wow is terrible and dead

TMzong says:

im downloading the game now in hopes that it will be a good one til tera
and gw2 is released.

sparkey221 says:

i hate how people say “looks kinda like WoW” i fucking bullcrap every mmo
is different

Captain HD says:

y guys need to shut the fuck up with wow wow cant compared with those games
that lack amount and fun so if u want to compare this compare it with metin

tr3ll3b0rg says:

@CommanderFlores well not quite. everquest was before wow but ultima online
was before everquest. and both of them way before wow. what wow did was
simplify gaming

Pure Lombardi says:

omg omg omg omg omg omg omg its free omg omg omg omg omg omg omg its free
omg omg omg omg omg omg omg its free omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg its

DuNcAnDuDe says:

Ok listen up smart ass. You have NO LIFE because you are over reacting over
a wrong answer that someone ON THE INTERNET that you do not know gave you,
over music in a Video Game trailer. Yea, my answer was useless, but that
doesnt mean you can treat me with disrespect. Just because the music in
question was in the beginning of the video, does not mean i was thinking
about it. Thought is illogical, so it doesnt have to work the way YOU want
it to. I tried to help, and you threw me hostility. BAD.

DuNcAnDuDe says:

Hey look, they have the restrictions you said, AND an item shop that you
can only buy things by paying with money. Isnt that well.

GryphonDes says:

Glad to see that EverQuest has done something fun to encourage people to
come back to the game that started it all. They’;ve come a really long way
since its introduction and have really pushed their graphics engine hard.
Its a great game whether your a causal gamer, someone who wants to dive
into the minutia or spec out the best creation around. Give it a try.

PHaZ325 says:

Graphics look outdated In my opinion :/ Ah well, back to CoD4

KnightsOfTheRime says:

@Sindahive Mine works just fine. I have the game with the graphics all the
way up and I run fraps while playing. Check out my videos and see a
beautiful lag free MMO on a computer that really isn’t anything special 😀

Xillien11 says:

i here this music on like every game trailer i watch lol, but great game,
lvl 14 berserker right now

SequelFinalNight says:

@Rezsha56 Actually Wizard, Warlock, Berserker, and Templar are some of the
best classes to play for PvP, Groups and Raid. Race isn’t really that
important. It’s more about what you want to be. Meaning that Race isn’t
game changing.

iRageQuitinHD says:

looks stupid

add191 says:

music is from Two Steps from Hell – Magika

Sindahive says:

Even their trailer gameplay has FPS lag. That’s how poorly multi core
processors handle the game.

a1ex1337 says:

@sinen0mine two steps from hell – magika

XeRauS says:

music reminds me of pirates of the caribbean

Kleineman15 says:

@punkzorr I hope soo!

DuNcAnDuDe says:

Its own? Lol.

Walter Lewin says:

its kinda gay that they give u the worst races and worst classes to chose
from when u start

Nowak says:

i wanna know the name of this song, it was freaking epic!1

Darkray16 says:

@punkzorr god no, but it’s free.

John Zager says:

I got it a month ago, the tradeskilling is SO GOOD.

kockafej1995 says:

Two Stepps From Hell makes everything perfect 😀

Clawmountain Studios says:

does any one know what song is playing the background?

IngloriousSob says:

looks like shit. wow still wins

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