Everquest 2 Gameplay Review – Inside the Den HD Feature

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Everquest 2

Everquest 2 Gameplay Review from MMODen.com. Everquest 2 is a free to play fantasy MMORPG from Sony Online Entertainment. See more Everquest 2 gameplay videos, screenshots, news, and more at MMODen. MMODen has over 100 Free MMOs and Free MMORPGs for you to learn about.

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iNekoNaru says:

Idk about you, but I’d rather look at a female character while I play.

kozas0 says:

Why everyone “reviews” level 1 stuff? What percentage of the game can you
see at level 1 on your average MMO? No mounts, no special skillpoints or
whatever, no dungeon stuff, empty skillbars, retarded mobs that won’t even
fight back, no grouping… what’s the point into “reviewing” that and how
much it could differ from one mmo to another…?

TheMMODen says:

@zelow79 LoL is one of a very few that use the business model of only
cosmetic items in their cash shop. I commend them for it, and their
exploding player base shows that it is a solid model. Only if backed by a
solid game, which LoL is for sure.

DisTruKt100 says:

Why is your picture a sperm?

Renji fish says:

@TheMMODen no sorry what i ment was is there still many restrictions for a
free player or is all contents of the game available to a free player now?

Trisdino says:

Its sad that you were right…

TheMMODen says:

That is good news

TheMMODen says:

@renji2040 Free to play my friend

TheMMODen says:

@mastermind8892 I bounce around to several. WoW, LoL, Diablo 3 Beta, World
of Tanks, and a few others.

swtorisawesomesausag says:

how much is gold per month? and would i unlock all the extra classes and
what not if i purchased it?

Tom Willis says:

I love this game im getting it right now

TheMMODen says:

@Shalazen Do you see SWTOR having the legs that games like WoW and EQ and
others have had? I played in the Beta and thought the game was fun and
polished, but I wasn’t sure about its ability to have the kind of long
standing appeal some other games have enjoyed.

Renji fish says:

@TheMMODen is everquest ll completley free now? or we still have to pay?

shaqiel albertus says:


GamersJoint says:

@TheMMODen well that you need to pay to carry more gold is not something i
see in alot of games

Zelow79 says:

@TheMMODen I have to disagree League of legends is free to play and you can
enjoy it to its fullest. They way they make their money is cosmetic things
like character skins. Now I am not saying I agree with this guy, but it is
kinda lame that they limit your skills unless you pay. More classes costing
you fine, even the chat limitation is fine. Limiting skill ups is a BIG NO

liberator48 says:

it’s kinda dumb to lock certain classes cause i mean if new players come
and try the game and are not sure they want to spend money or not, class is
one of the first things they pick and then they go through half the game
and decide it’s worth spending money on and they realize they want to play
another class and that’s not very nice to the player

spider0804 says:

You are not forced, shell out some cash and support the game.

Shalazen says:

@TheMMODen can’t tell quite yet. But so far what I see it’s really in for
the long term. Now that they got over the hurdle of releasing the game it
seems steady. Yes there are bugs and things to polish up. But overall as
for your question, I do see this game here for the long run, with the
possibility of people playing it in the long term. 🙂

Tempeljonas says:

Fantastic title ! Best pve mmorpg ever! With lots of content and very nice
Housing !

GamersJoint says:

lame you wont answer my msg on youtube…. oh and its not free to play if
you need to pay to enjoy it to the fullest

aseopva says:

A little late but about 14 a month I think. You can also unlock most races
and classes for a fee without a subscription…

Shalazen says:

I played EQ2 for 3 years. Have all the expansions, maxed gear, raids, done
all that. It’s really a good game for those just starting out or want to
experience a Fantasy MMORPG. Now I play SWTOR and hopefull GW2 when out.
Everyone should be able to enjoy a game as much as I did this one at one
time or another. Happy Gaming!

TheMMODen says:

@random1337default Thanks for the compliment, there are actually several
channels and websites that were my inspiration over the years. I have been
computer gaming since I got my first Commodore 64 back in ’84. I will stop
there, before I age myself too much.

mastermind8892 says:

Yo nice vid 😀 I was just wondering what game do you currently play now?

ZeroCoolRomania says:

I saw on website .. u cannot wear fabled + items as starter … still in,
or is completly f2p? And if not, is there any way to become gold member
without paying mothly fee?

DisTruKt100 says:

is there still the stupid money cap? gonna try the game

TheMMODen says:

@GamersJoint Missed your message, you’ll have a reply shortly. If you make
that your criteria for Free to Play then you can pretty much consider all
free to play games, not free to play.

Cabooselol22 says:

I think locking the races are worse. They give you all humanoid races which
blows. I love playing as beast type characters and being forced to only use
humanoid was a disappointment.

shaqiel albertus says:

because i like to fap 😀

Sylvurdragon7 says:

Money cap is gone now apparently – as is the bag cap and shared bank. LOTS
of restrictions are gone now.

gordan3man says:

this game is much better than swtor

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