Everquest 2 review with gameplay

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Developed and Published by Sony Online Entertainment Everquest 2 is a Freemium fantasy based MMORPG that is the sequel to its incredibly popular, Take that as World of Warcraft of its day. Everquest.


Shagrath06 says:

I really want to play it but I cant. Character movements animations are
sometimes smooth and sometimes really stuttery. Also, there’s no change if
i put all settings on low, or extremely high. I got i5 3470, 8GB ram and
and GTX 670 Phantom, and I can play Aion, Age of Conan, Wildstar, ESO etc.
on max but I cant run Eq2 good. Tried on Win 7 and Win8. Tried to disable
all cores except one for the game. Still issues and framerate drops. Which
saddens me because EQ2 seems really atmospheric to me.

Justin Hair says:

Review done 4 months ago aprox and he says max level is 90??? No its not!
It is level 95. Your review is highly inaccurate sir!

InimicusSolitus says:

I just got back into EQ2 again . Pretty much done with new MMOs (Archeage
being the most recent). I am an old-school MMO player and really started to
miss my favorite game after all these years. Everquest 2 is once again my
game of choice !

Deadlycovers says:

Great video

TheLagKilledme says:

Hey guys, This week we take a look at Everquest 2 the sequel to the wildly
popular Everquest. I hope you enjoy!

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