Everquest 2 Tutorial/Let’s play – Episode 1 – Character Creation

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This is the first episode from our Everquest 2 Tutorial/Let’s play series. The series will be me and 3 friends starting from level 1 in Everquest 2. We will explain basic concepts along the way and make our way into advanced concepts later.

This episode will begin with the character creation of Hikaroh, the group’s wizard. This is also a basic overview in the character creation system and the different options available.

Episode 2 will be the start of the group leveling in Greater Faydark.



Krystahl Phoenix says:

I could have sworn I was subscribed to you for DDO Online…:S
*shrugs* I re-subscribed.

Mr Sloth says:

i bet your a level 30 wizard if you get what i mean ……

Alyssa smelser says:

omg I love that game and I’m 13

pilotdoggamer says:

so it copied all of the elderscrolls siries

HAI utube says:

Tbh I think YouTube episodes are way better when you’re playing with
friends but when you solo it gets boring hearing the same voice over and

Greifing King says:

Wow old vid this was before the bazaar got removed.
Freeport all out!

Asper Kai says:

The characters look different from the ones shown on the panel. Do you have
to buy the last expansion to get them to look that way?

Daniel Steen Kjosnes says:


jose galdamez says:

i downloded the game but when i creat a character it say buy class help

xavgui100 says:

how do you get other races DX

MrBAMslayer says:

Is this free?

Todd Sillik says:

that means your free to play and your trying to choose a class that is gold
membership only.

MrHamof says:

i hate that they killed Qeynos Island, i also hate the new inventory system.

BerYurs says:

do u have to download this

EQOAnostalgia . says:

@noremorse126 New Halas was actually recently redesigned to have a easy
quest progression system, the old one was far more clunky from my
understanding, i played the game about 4 years ago for a month and quit due
to lack of players. I just joined back up and im happy to say that Freeport
server is BUSTLING with activity. Sorry you don’t enjoy the new nooby quest
chains. and yes, as with most MMO’s it gets far better in later levels!

Daniel Steen Kjosnes says:

@ThePCGamingVortex Yeah, I didnt read all that, but thank you.

ThePCGamingVortex says:

@PickleSurprise96 That is not true actually. They opened the free to play
model to be across all servers in the game and opened up a lot of options
for free players. As a free player there are restrictions on your, but that
is true of all free to play mmos.

Tyler Felipe says:

at leastr he is havin fun

ThePCGamingVortex says:

@DeathFalcon222 I started as a Berzerker and I enjoyed it quite a bit, but
once I went Necromancer I fell in love hehe. I LOVE that class!!! it is
really all about trying some out until you find one that really “talks” to
you 🙂

ThePCGamingVortex says:

I use Profitui normally (which can be downloaded at eq2interface) but in
the videos with the low level character I use the default ui. 🙂

Akeche says:

@ThePCGamingVortex Lies! I much prefer the original models.

ThePCGamingVortex says:

@Bigr129 IT IS! This game is HUGE! It is a free to play model though so
some of the end game stuff (and some races and classes) will cost money BUT
you don’t have to have any of these things to enjoy the game all the way
through. There is a TON of free content to enjoy 🙂 If you end up giving it
a shot we are on the Butcherblock server 🙂

ThePCGamingVortex says:

Yes, it is a downloaded game but it is free to play so might as well give
it a download 🙂

ShadowVSGaming says:

i’v play on that sever for years

IxproxzombiesxX says:

What kind of computer do you use because when i play it lags pretty bad

ThePCGamingVortex says:

@RealOnlineGamer2011 Best move SOE could have made in my opinion! I am glad
to see so many new faces coming into this game. The game is great and
deserves the chance to show people how deep it is. I hope you are enjoying
it 🙂

ThePCGamingVortex says:

@alameano The game still has a good number of people playing it. It is not
difficult to find a solid guild or some people to put a pug together with.
If you would like to give it a try before you buy they just relaunched the
trial, good way to get a feel for it. 🙂 I play on the Butcherblock server
and I know the people there are great! Hope to see you in game sometime 🙂

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