ISBoxer 41 Quick Setup Wizard and EverQuest 2 Gameplay demo and commentary

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This video should get you started multiboxing EverQuest 2 with ISBoxer!


ISBoxer says:

The latest video from Joe the Multiboxer demystifies how to set up your
EverQuest 2 multiboxing team with the new ISBoxer 41 Quick Set Up Wizard,
plus it includes gameplay demo and commentary! Check it out and give the
game a try with ISBoxer!

T. Samuel Young says:

Great guide Joe, I have been using ISBoxer for about 3 years but picked up
some shortcuts in there. Looks like release 41 is more streamlined as well.
Any chance we could get that Pro guide?

Cody Clarke says:

My thing dont have no patch

K2Flips says:

So do you need seperate accounts for SoE inorder to load seperate
characters? or can you use characters on one account?

Joe Thaler says:

You do need multiple accounts in order to load multiple characters at the
same time, yes

thoddiver says:

Any chance you can do a video for how to set up multiple computers? 🙂

AaronPR87 says:

How did you get isboxer to recognize your logitech Gkeys? I just got
isboxer and I am not able to select my Gkeys in the program. I am running
the latest logitech gaming software.

Joe Thaler says:

ISBoxer won’t auto-detect your G-keys when you press them, you will need to
select them from the drop-down as I did in the video. If they are not
listed, your device may not be natively supported; check the Hardware forum
on for info. The G-keys are also *filtered out* when selecting
certain Hotkeys in ISBoxer, such as Key Combinations to be sent to the game
(the game won’t recognize them anyway).

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