Everquest Landmark GamePlay Player Creation Dwarf City Taking Shape Part 1

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Everquest Next Landmark
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brbZoning says:

Thank you everyone who is dropping by and watching. The SOE community has
never been a “youtube” hungry one but I think we are changing that with
Landmark =)

Please post any suggestions you’d like to see.
I love a good build

Slapped Yak says:

I am really considering dishing out for a trailblazer pack xD I wants to
get my paws on this game :3 even if it is in alpha… the scope and
flexibility of those tools are really impressive. I love your build, and
the story/lore behind it, particularly your imaginative use of textures xD
the grass really does look like “polished emerald” xD I may have to steal
that idea 😉 seriously tho, good vid 🙂 ty for sharing your creation! xD

reddead405 says:

for not being an artist, that mural was pretty awesome looking

Madhibiki says:

Oh god, im so glad you mentioned that grass wont have blades if no sun !
Thx a lot for this tips.
You maybe interested by the 3D inlaid pattern i found and have posted on
forum (tool build section) for your axes, and any weapons. Feel free to MP

And i fucking love to see people entertaining and laughting like you do lol

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