EverQuest Next Debut – Gameplay Footage – SOE Live 2013 (Full)

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EQN starts at about 9:30

Join John Smedley, Dave Georgeson and members of the development team for the reveal of EverQuest Next! You won’t want to miss this!


SingerinEX says:

this, their ideas, their concept..its the last hope for me in mmorpgs. make
it good

Zackarco says:

I have to say after watching this again the music has really grown on me! I
hope the lore in EQ:N will be awesome, and I hope the characters we meet
will be deep and interesting!

Xzener says:

I wonder (and hope) if we can make private games so we can mold our world
our way (like Skyrim) or with friends.

soakedbearrd says:

Great ideas, haven’t played an mmorg in years I might pick this one up when
it comes out. I love the emergent AI, depth design, and rally calls

Billy Kohl says:

Such a beautiful game that I am looking forward to. I will always support
the EQ team!

OatsMealz says:

Glad they made it easier for people to run away from you in pvp combat.

Kenn Sanderson says:

I played EQ for about 12 yrs, made many friends. Now, no job, going broke.
I’m a game programmer with degree, and searching. Openings? LinkedIn

ryan phillips says:

I hope you liked the sand-art because that`s where the whole budget went!

dacdom says:

In every mmo’s your character can save the world but cannot jump over a 4
feet wall. It dosent look like my type of game but at least they seem to
have worked hard on details… I’m playing ESO right now and the game sucks
because it’s broken in a lot of details.

Joshua Gomez says:

wow nice

Casey Henderson says:

Anyone else think the Character Emotes & Animation are as good as a
character in a Disney movie? It’s Fantastic! Like this comment if you

Casey Henderson says:

Beautiful! Like if you Agree!
EverQuest Next is Amazing. Incredible Animation & Graphics.
Perfect Lighting & Shadow, and very Immersive Environment!
WoW (World of Warcraft), eat your heart out!! EQ was the first!
And it also seems ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) has some competition!
EQ has always been the true first original, with real soul and
a raw emotion & sentimentality that other MMORPGs just don’t have,
and a truly real, active & engaging social community like no other.
Anyone else think the Character Emotes & Animation are as good as
a character in a Disney movie? It’s Fantastic! Like if you Agree!!

Snuggie The Goblin says:

Good lord the devs sure do have thier work cut out for them!!

Mathieu Mat says:

Is this on ps4 and online?

iBearcub says:

queer background music

Chad c says:

Thanks for posting.

merccc1 says:

No, generally mmo’s are PC. It will be awhile until a port is available if
they are able to and decide to do one.

wraithryder says:

cool, i especially like the vaulting over rocks and sliding. hope they put
in a lil more of that like rolling after a fall! They Prince of Persia free
flow movement is very cool!

joseph selfridge says:

looks pretty good to me. I might have to get into everquest. 🙂

YMenk says:

They said they’re building the PC version first but are looking at
controller support. A console port could happen at some point down the line
but definitely not for launch.

crocodiliusz says:

HAHA i love that SoEmote thing, she looks like Belle from beauty+a beast.

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