EverQuest Next Full Gameplay Footage

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EverQuest Next es un videojuego de rol multijugador masivo que cuenta con características innovadoras para el género como entornos destructibles, clases múltiples totalmente personalizables


Vita1ized says:

you need to be precise in description. This is just early footage that
shows you how characters may move around the open world. Rather than just
running and bumping into stuff. They wanted even walking around to be
enjoyable. THis isnt full gameplay footage. It also just shows they are
making the world have total destructability.

Negativenine says:

I’m doing a Everquest Next Landmark beta key giveaway. Watch the video on
my channel to learn more!

Nizm0350z says:

I’d rather play EQ1 I think, seems kinda boring

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