EverQuest Next gameplay – Above and below ground battles

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A demonstration of EverQuest Next’s destructible terrain. http://www.pcgamer.com/previews/everquest-next-preview/


Shadownian says:

I,love EQ…but to say…”well everquest was the first MMORPG ever” is just
false. There was plenty before EQ, I wont go thru em here but you can look
that up if your interested. EQ however WAS the first 3D mmorpg. Thats why
many..including me…think of it as the grandfather of the modern MMORPG.
But in no way shape or form was it even close to being first. Just to

Kervian says:

None would be good to me, Vindictus didnt have any and it wasn’t impossible
to kill a boss.

Warden Jax says:

this looks better than WildStar !

thematrix606 says:

Study the attack? Look at TERA, you KNOW what to expect on certain attacks,
you don’t need lame red lines to tell you exactly how far away you have to

Mac Mourning says:

Half true about Tera. You do have some red circle on the ground with
certain attacks

Kha Zix says:

The actual best MMORPG of all time is EVEonline, for me. Sandbox, hardcore,
player driven. CCP are a genuine, passionate company. One of few which do
not appeal to the masses for the sake of money. They know they make
stunningly fantastic games, which will not appeal to everybody, but those
who the games do appeal to… will love them, and be loyal. CCP are more
than happy with the profits they earn from loyal players, they do not try
to be a mega corporation. EVEonline – World of Darkness.

loulakion says:

well the animations need a hell of work on them …! and yes everytime i
see a red cicle on the ground i remember GW2 …

Anas dam says:

well everquest was the first MMORPG ever so .. But yeah , i saw the dodge
moves too lol , of course all the new mmorpgs will copy a littel bit of
guild wars 2 , the stuff that worked well with gw2 . But of course they
will never reach the awesomeness of Gw2 bro !

khanani87 says:

Never heard of this game in my life but AMAZING

dumbtardface says:

well i think old skool you just had to figure it out the hard way where you
could and couldnt stand

irurwurst says:

Pretty, and looks like the combat is pretty movement-based, more like GW2
than WoW. Aint no way in hell it’ll run on my computer, though.

Rasmus boström says:

More circles.

JanPospisil42 says:

Which is what happens when you have two people play it and another person
record them playing.

Aidan Keeley says:

this trailer could really use some music

Jocko Jonson says:

More like Kingdoms of Amalur : The Reckoning 2.5?

TheJakub345 says:

the style of graphics they have gone for just make me cringe. I’m actually
physically disgusted when I look at this game. I can believe they went with
this bullshit look. When i play a game I want to be in awe and inspired by
the look and feel of the world that I am in. This just makes me cringe in
disgust. The base building doesn’t help either. This should be about
exploring a beautiful world, not sitting in a house in one spot all the
time. I can do that at home. This is not on my radar now.

pudgeypigeon says:

Damn shame EQ franchise does shit pvp.

Miyasashi says:

Guild Wars 2 in general is too easy. Every monster and bosses I’ve
encountered are shoot-shoot-kill. No tactics required or anything, just
mere button mashing. The problem with looking at animations is you can miss
them entirely due to focus on other elements, other mobs or just not notice
them while button-mashing. Also have to consider that server AND client lag
may cause some animations not to start or finish correctly.

Kexin says:

The third coming of the MMO Jesus.

Steely Dan says:

Seriously tho’ how else should it be done?

Miyasashi says:

There have been several other MMORPG’s with dodging in it. For example Tera
came before GW2 so following your logic GW2 copied ‘a little’ from Tera.

tiu007 says:

i haven’t try everquest before, is the gameplay turn base or live action
during combat?

Steely Dan says:

Hurp de durp de durr, not like it has been like this in most games with
similar mechanics, even outside mmos.

Jay broski says:

1:29 Moon walking. I gotta get this game!

MrKirnash says:

Looks like a trailer and not gameplay at all. Camera angle changing left
and right and no ui at all.

Dislaire Christophe says:

he doesn’t even know what he’s talking about

Miyasashi says:

Easy with one on you but with multiple mobs or interface-elements to look
at it get’s a bit difficult don’t you think?

Xalener Balener says:

Yeah, Everquest is more like the Wolfenstein3d of MMORPGs. There were
plenty like it before it but everything after it is based directly on it.

Vire70 says:

WoW gameplay was based off of EQ primarily, so like that. Not sure about
Next though.

adsim92 says:

You don’t have to “Innovate” for the sake of innovating. If somethings not
broken, don’t fucking fix it. Thats half the reason why WoW went to shit.

WinterXL says:

i agree, most red-geometric-shape telegraphs could just as easily be proper
art/particle effects/whatever (but not necessarily always)… but the
consequence is time and effort (and thus money), and it can be challenging
to make the telegraphs useful without seeming cheesy (which admittedly
red-geometric-shapes can sometimes be)

Vire70 says:

That’s a fair point. Too many other companies have sold out to appeal to
casuals, and EVEs economy system is really awesome. I never really liked
the game itself when I played it but I have to respect those aspects. World
of Darkness is hopefully something that will turn out similar in terms of
social/economic/meaningful input to the world and a more sandbox world.
Fact that it’s based on some of my all time favorite games (VTM:R/B) helps.

Supbro says:

Hmm, I don’t know, maybe NO red circles, makes you have to look at the
animation and figure out where the attack will come.

AshiteratsuAka says:

dat fps at the beggining bet it was running at around 17FPS, btw i hate the
shaders and bloom, you can’t see the detail, you can’t see shit basically,
hate when developers use dark shadows and bloom to cover the imperfections,
it’s like sprinkling shit with confetti

Shadownian says:

you know i was seriously excited and eager to hear anything about this
game…but this…idk…its off to me…it looks like they tried to take
from WOW some with its look…and that’s not what EQ is. EQ is suppose to
be the more realistic looking MMORPG in comparison to WOW’s cartoony
football pad armor look. The video show the guy running around with that
same football armor look…and I have to say…so far im severely

notalbertpotato says:

WoW, this looks ToRrible.

BANG! says:

This game sure looks pretty! great animations too.

Péter Kovács says:

holy shit

Zwei says:

Nope, this is gameplay, albeit alpha stages. Watch the end of Everquest
Next Debut part 2 vid. They’re actually playing.

LolWhyuNoGG says:

Eat my money! Eat it! ..yes.. yes feed on my monies..

Ryaneth Biggleton says:


hl2oli says:

Guild Wars 2,5?

MeshowzShadowArto says:


Rodin Valkyrie says:

What is awesome about gw2? grind to 80 then nothing left but pvp…

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