EverQuest Next Gameplay Preview With David Georgeson

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Sony Online Entertainment Director of Development on the EverQuest franchise previews EverQuest Next in this exclusive interview from GDC 2014.


lo0nytnt says:

this is not EQ next…this is landmark. Just bring back EQOA

Orion Xavier says:

I had high hopes for EQ Next, but the art direction went BACKWARDS. Cartoon
characters and environment.

And every video of EQ Next is about LANDMARK. This is NOT EQ Next gameplay-
because that would require actual combat. Which for some reason, they’re
afraid to show..

Black Desert is being developed by Pearl Abyss in South Korea and it kicks
every game’s ass. It’s mind blowing gorgeous, tons of immersion,
innovative, amazing fun combat, the most detailed character creation..

If you love Minecraft and WoW, I guess EQ Next is the game for you. But my
standards for a new MMO are too high to play this game.

Seth Larcomb says:

I do hope we can make our own homes in EQ much like EQL

Alec jones says:


Seth Larcomb says:

This EQL not EQ

GamerHubTV says:

@DaveGeorgeson previews @everquest_next at #GDC 2014

Shaun Mitchell says:

I’ll say this. If Landmark is any kind of preview to Everquest Next…

Provided they stay on this track they are currently exploring…

EQ Next will entirely revolutionize this genre of gaming. Nothing else will
seem even remotely close to being as awesome as that game will(could) be.

People have bitched and bitched for years now about themeparks, and being
tired of having their hand held. Landmark is complete freedom, and Next
could be the perfect fusing of themepark and sandbox, that everyone
promises and no one ever delivers on. That plus all the ideas behind next
from their progression system, no hard trinity, smarter mobs, better AI, on
and on we go. They said when they unveiled landmark and next that they
wanted to be the ones to redesign this genre. well they’re on the right
path to that goal.

iHaeteyouu Gougle says:

This looks really good actually i’d love to build :)

The Redgaurd says:

All talking points

valgorlin says:


Ironbones Kickpunch says:

I wish his first name was george

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