EverQuest Next Landmark Alpha Gameplay Character Creation Part 1

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EverQuest Next Landmark Alpha Gameplay Character Creation Part 1


The Awesome Incarnate says:

Hey guys, posting more footage today. :)

nulI says:

this looks like a browsergame i once played.. it was called runescape :)

Frederic Bessette says:

What’s all the dislike about ?

Chillhardy says:


Bear Parka says:

Geez, is this FreeRealms? Graphics are so… PS1

Daily Light says:

Why..oh why are you cursing…why do so many upload gamers think cursing is
cool or somehow make their video better? As soon as a person curse, I click
off the video and look for someone else.

Black-Reaper says:

im gonna buy this Game right now! :D

MegaRhazes says:

I hope they plan to improve the wood harvesting because that was
depressing. I want to see the trees falling and let us chop them up until

TheUndyingEvil says:

Why are we seeing his player face, how is that supposed to help?

Clixster says:

You all do realize this game is in alpha. Don’t trash a game when it isn’t
even half way through production

BlastoiseAvenasuar says:

Do You Fucking Relize This is In alpha DipShit

TheOlyboy123 says:

i think it shares more with terraria (non breaking equipment, gear that
affects movement and gives better movement options), rather that minecraft.

Jalham says:

You understand that this is alpha right ? not everything is in the game yet
nor is it polished.

crikk23 says:

grinding my teeth thinking if i should get the 60$ pack or not…tho seeing
as the NDA is no more(i guess?) i may get it and tell my self its for
videos XD

Ranger Trekker says:

Which way is the character facing? Forward? Off to the right a bit?

Since, EQ2, I think Sony gets the character stances wrong; too extreme.
One foot slightly more forward than the other is fight, but this
left-shoulder-thrust-way-forward reminds me of Igor in the old Frankenstein

MisterMeanour says:

The music sounds remarkably like Skyrim. I like.

Bill Ray says:

get a pop screen or something, hearing your annoying keyboard clicks isnt
very professional.

Voldemortiiss says:

Character creation sucked badly. I think we all expect better from an EQ
title. I know this is alpha so I really hope they put some work in on that.
Personally no matter how good an mmo is, I will flat out refuse to play if
I can’t create a unique looking character. Who wants to run around looking
like a near clone of everybody else?

schneevs67 says:

Yes plz livestream it on TWITCH! Thx!

Hoowwwww says:

This guy know he is straming, and he is eating, right before talking …

mvinc006 says:

Look forward to seeing your next video, thanks for sharing!

Nickm01 says:

This is only Alpha, what’s available is extremely limited, I’m surprised
they even had character creation tbh.

justin barrett says:

cursing is more natural that avoiding cursing….the real evil is when we
make screwed up connections in our head for the meaning of words like shit
vs poop…who cares same thing….cursing is not the issue people, you
are….digest that DailyLight

usaf0716 says:

Get rdy to be sued for NDA

RIGaming says:

NDA was in effect when you posted this :/

Andrew Perri says:

I love how everyone is going off on how the game looks, It’s alpha; that
should tell you, “Welcome to the first steps in the testing phases, please
give us your money to test this game for us”. you get the chance to see
the game grow from point A all the way to Z! Look at the difference Beta
will look as to this current alpha

Anthony Bell says:

He said dammit, and shit, big fucking deal, grow up, people swear, for some
words like that are completely situational…would you prefer ”Holy Poop”
or ”Gosh Darnit” NO~! because then you would probably call him gay..so
fuck off people

kindland says:

If landmark would have shown what u just did with this video, i think 50%
more ppl would have bought the Packs for getting into alpha right away,
anyway, i am one of them now after seeing this video. Now i am sure the
game worth buying to get into the alpha stage of it.

Serhiy Semeniuk says:

Music is quite soothing.

Letholdus McClain says:

This guy isn’t very good he complains way to much.

Chad Honaker says:

1. Alpha, there will be a a lot more face choices on release and plenty
more on the cash shop.
2. I had to mute you, so there is no 3 or 4.

Thanks for the video, I hope you don’t get ban for showing NDA.

William Drost says:

wasn’t for sure about this game..after seeing this..has peaked my

shredsofhumanity says:

They put the watermark in now to keep vids from being uploaded as “finished
product” when it is not and to also know who uploaded the video by game
account such as the ESO beta, Your screen is covered in watermark of the
games name and your account name and email address so they know who to come
after for violation of NDA. Pretty clueless on your end there bub. Do some
fucking real research before opening your mouth next time.

Styrupp says:

Jinxid it !

jorge rap says:

Hijo de puta queria que me explicases algo del juego no verte investigando
como un hijo de puta

mrraisbeck says:

It’s like pre-alpha so I’m not even sure why people are judging the
character create, lol. 

u235u235u235 says:

reviewers face is way too long and he’s got small eyes. makes for very
unappealing face and not really made for video. guy should stick to text
blogging!!! big eyes and square jaw best for male presenters on video

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