EverQuest Next Landmark Alpha Gameplay – Getting Started

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In today’s episode of Dealspwn Playthrough, we take our first look at Sony Online Entertainment’s creative sandbox MMO EverQuest Next Landmark. Carl provides commentary as he explains what it is all about, provides a quick guide on how to get started, and takes a look at some of the constructive (and destructive) elements that are on offer.

He also tries to create some sort of new sport involving surfing down hills. See if it could become a “thing” by watching the video.

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Jack Delaney says:

Very professional and enjoyable. Have been watching a few of your videos,
and I’m surprised your views are so low.

Gorgonops says:

Love your commentary!

Hicxzy says:

As someone who loved minecraft, this seems utterly amazing. Is this going
to be an actual game, or just a pre-game to everquest? Totally not
interested in everquest itself.

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