EverQuest Next Landmark – Basic Build Guide

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Stylosa shows off just how powerful the construction system is within EverQuest Next Landmark. He goes into detail and give a basic guide to building on your claim! However, please note. It’s much easier to ctrl+z to undo previous actions than to use the delete tool!

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DCaot says:

how did u make ur cube so big? 

Stephen Nicholas says:

Thank you, great help

pyroneutral says:

that music playing at the end just made so much more better

Penny Nuttall says:

Love it

Steven Arnold says:

great vids :)

Auke Poelman says:

Just sniped 5 one week beta codes from google lol. 

Kevin Samuels says:

Just watched you video, can’t believe your FPS.

Wolve Packs says:

No this is not free it cost $20 for the game and the packs can go up to

Jason Konas says:

When the Alpha is over, will you lose all your work?

Methuselahh says:

You yammer too much. The amount of helpful info vs. the amount of pointless
jabber isn’t worth the trade…

TheShorty326 says:

Which version did you buy it? or do you play?

Doug Meade says:

Love the temple! Hope there are follow up vids to see how it progresses!

XxTalon- 5565xX says:

will landmark have weapons in it

RoM1il says:

Is EQN free?

kervens jasmin says:

anyone have an extra key please

Shardlake says:

The other build tools are already available, just have to build the upgrade
craft stations and collect resources, fun so far, this is not really a
game, more a design studio, for SOE to take forward to the game, your
buildings in game :)

Bill says:

This is an awesome game so far, and it’ll only get better.

Unit Lost - Great British Gaming says:

EverQuest Next Landmark – Basic Build Guide! @EQNLandmark @j_smedley

ThePitofSidLord says:

That view is going to get wrecked when someone builds a giant cock and
balls on the mountain range.

Stella Sed says:

love these vids. really helping me get an idea of the game while it
downloads. thank you!

Steve Kimble says:

can you float your character or move out the camera for better, wider view?

Jay Marsh says:

This might be the nail in Wow’s coffin

Fantasy Trope says:

Reminds me of sculpting.

Robin Viklund says:

I’m so fucking excited for this!

Mintake says:

I really think this could be the end of Minecraft, with all the tools and
options available. It is also possible that this could be more popular than
the main game when you think about it.

TheHorsenation says:

looks nice. game is more interesting than I thought.

CHARLITO227 says:

What a great view! I love soe’s engine is it the same one from ps2? You
should definitely a kind of let’s build series showing of all of the tools
and techniques and complexity with updates to the alpha. Also with good
advertising I hope you guys get plenty of views, as its one of those games
that will be huge! :)

norwegianps3gamer says:

more! this needs 2 be a new thing :D

I gard says:

I can’t justify paying the price for this, but I must admit I’m very
tempted. Great vids sty. Looking forward to seeing the temple expand.

Just out of curiosity, this is the temple of tea & biscuits right?

Esli Stopato says:

You should use the selection tool for building and deleting as well, not
just copying and pasting. Its the best building tool, way faster than the
cube tool. ;)

Deathmilzer Jenkinz says:

Oh and I recommend building on the grid when building just to make sure
everything is evenly spaced and the right size and stuff it will keep you
from making a lot of mistakes while building and it means less error time
and more building and detailing time.

CraftCastUK says:

Nice Video 

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