EverQuest Next: Landmark – Building a Castle!

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The Everquest Next Landmark adventure continues with Ripper beginning the building process for his plot and impending Castle!

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SensitivityGames says:

nice vid i am gonna buy this this is a game where you can do evrything you
want :o

Rojer Alboroto says:

i wish my gameplay was this smooth :(

Lus146 says:

Soooo what happens if there’s no more room for people to have plots?

Dan Hill says:

Use the select tool to avoid placing one voxel at a time. This video is
sped up.
Really you want to select a start point, drag the select tool the length
and height of the wall you want and then with one click the wall is added
instead of the thousands you see him do here.

Reuben Arnold says:

I think we can all see what happens to F2P games out there, especially MMOs.

Add a ridiculous Disney look to it, and you have a recipe for disaster. 

Neil Hamersly says:

minecraft in creative mode.

Ken Havens says:

tired of the instancing for housing…really what is the point of housing
instances… UO did it right, open world housing. I want to see a towns
and cities, wizard towers in the middle of nowhere or near dungeons, not in
some damn instance of the “open world”


Until this comes out, I’m gonna keep playing Shadowbane on the Magicbane

You can build cities in open plots or when you see a great spot someone
else has a city on, but you just gotta have.. you can lay siege to their
city and burn it to the ground!

Shadowbane was always the game the care bears hated because it is just to


Ken Havens says:

I’m honestly looking for a simpler MMO, games where you need to box, have
100 abilites to micromanage etc are from a bygone era.

DangamingTV says:

How do i get cold so i can pay the upkeep? :P

zaphod6502 says:

I can’t get Landmark to work properly. Keep coming up with constant string
errors and no items have any descriptions except for the aforementioned
“String error”.

Frank Birchard says:

screw EQN bring back EQOA!!!

Hambardzum Galstyan says:

You need better stone design

Schizo says:

“neXT uP oN WKQRSB youR fAVOrite Jaaaaaaazzzzzzz StatIONNNNNN!” Is all I

philip300000 says:

what a useless video

GFreenD1 says:

what do you do that it wouldint lagg?

Suikos Realm says:

So what is the difference between Landmark and Next?

samooryesord says:

Looking good. I can’t wait to play! Everything about this game excites me.

Njubish says:

Building without a selection tool is a waste of time

Simple Jack and a Horse says:

Zoom-out next time so we can see what you are doing.

gearzdesign says:

So after jumping in the game (and taking 45 minutes to even find a spot to
claim) I found that at times I’ve spawned waaaaaay up in the sky to fall to
the earth (thankfully no death in the game yet)

After an hour I finally got a small “home” built and my crafting stations.
I cannot wait to get the selection tool built, lol.

DayInDaLife says:

much better video than the last one.

OblivionZ89 says:

damm i love your commentary ripperx!! keep em coming!!

DorrianX says:

Toodle oo 

Foong Yee Wong says:

the fast motion sounded like a tapdance

Mitchell Thornton says:

Don’t you know you can resize your tools instead of having to click 100+

Angus Wilkins says:

Better than minecraft

Killngorillas says:

This guy sounds like Dennis Falcone from Opie and Anthony on SiriusXM. Why
are you putting on a 60s Radio DJ voice (and speaking style) on an mmorpg
gameplay video? Seem just like Dennis you have a failed radio career too LOL

wait a minute…Dennis is this what you do outside of DJing weddings?!?!!?!

bravojr says:

There should be very loose enforcement of boundary. Alas harsh boundary I
know exists because of grieving. Yet if you made grieving extremely
difficult it would be it’s own way of making people do clans. Powerful
wards you have to upkeep, but can be twiddled away. Epic defenses perhaps
even monster enslavement/spawning for your side to be used how you see fit.
There is so many directions this project can go Right and Wrong in.

Steve Kimble says:

can you get rid of the blue box surrounding your claimed territory? if so,

HeadBurro Antfarm says:

Here’s another thing +Justin Esparza will like – his bank manager may
disagree! 😀

EverQuest Next: Landmark – Building a Castle!

Valentin Zinchuk says:

craft select tool=)

iamRJANO says:

Haha it’s called a timelapse

Jeiel ALONZO says:

The game is out ?

Opus 32 says:

Stone penises, stone penises everywhere…

That’s what’ll happen, but it’s a small drawback for such an amazing
building system.

Noq Gaming says:

What server / island are you on

Elden Macfarlane says:

hey you take to long to put up videos #HTFU (hurry the fuck up) MORE EQNL

Outer Heaven says:

I got a question MMORPG.com people, is this single player ? do you ever get
to interact with other players ? and can you cast spells/attack anything ?
or is this solely focused on building stuff ?

ITPalGame says:

Let’s see if I can “chop the wood” up here.

MrBysiorek says:

Sir i like your voice i like you sense of humour you got new fan Sir.Subed
cos loved:P

TheDarkfallNoob says:

Great commentary, great editing, love the fast forward footage at the 2nd
half of the vid! 

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