EverQuest Next Landmark: Closed Beta – Getting Started

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Welcome back to another episode of Alpha Acces! Closed Beta has started! In this episode, I’ll be going over the new progression changes and some tips on how to get started if you’re brand new to Landmark. Enjoy!

My claim location:
Server = Adventure on the Tunnel map (-1152, 1438, 163)

Tutorial and Guides Forum:


Dave Georgeson’s (aka SmokeJumper) Guide:


Progression Graphic


Biomes List:


Voxel Design Helper:


FAQ and general information for those interested:


To get access to Alpha, check out these Founder’s Packs:


Intro music by: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)


Gamebrewtv Strahz says:

A new episode is up! In this episode I update my old Getting Started video
due to the changes in Closed Beta. If you’re brand new to Landmark or are a
returning Alpha Tester who’s been away for awhile, feel free to stop on by
and take a look. Enjoy!

#landmarkthegame #everquestnextlandmark #gamebrewtvstrahz #closedbeta

Shutupmom bugoff says:

Ok so I jumped to like 10 spots on this video and each time there was NO
COMBAT. Just standing around or in a boring menu. Where’s the action? I
don’t want to sit around and molest menus all day. I want to play! Yeah!

Randy Wells says:

very nice walk thru

Sinan Köylü says:

I want to see how the place looks and how the character moves and stuff
like that. Let’s see the game. And try to build a garden with trees,
bushes, small roads from the garden to a house.

Markyboy28 says:

I’ve dug about 50 copper veins and no tin. They seem to have changed it so
i read on the official forums. Tin is VERY hard to get now, i spent 3 hours
trying to find it the other day and I only got 9. I am new to the alpha
this week tho so it could be just me being retarded.

Aaron Fisher says:

Thanks for the video, good intro.

Your mic has a hum whenever you speak. I’m no expert but I think you can
fix that relatively easily.

WhoIsCraig says:

“Nine times out of tin” – lol

Captain Mog says:

Thanks for the awesome video, well edited and well laid out! Question…
Have they changed the Tin spawn since you posted this or something? I’m
brand new and been digging around under copper veins and whatnot and never
come across any Tin other than 1 surface spawn with enough tin ore for 1
single ingot. Am I just missing something here?

Gamebrewtv Strahz says:

Landmark’s Closed Beta is here! In this episode I give you some tips on how
to get started with the new progression!

XxMarkisexX says:

First off great video, but correct me if I am wrong about this, but I
believe the tin is no longer found at the end of copper. It is also very
hard to find tin in tier 1 biomes and is much easier to find in tier 2.

Hicxzy says:

Hey mate. Any ideas on how to boost drops? I just had to spend 2h farming
wood to get enough for a floor, its goddamn expensive! 

ot0 m0t0 says:

I just joined. Its efing awesome. Accepting donations to get trailblazer

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