Everquest Next Landmark – First Look Alpha Gameplay, Episode 1

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Everquest Next Landmark – First Look Alpha Gameplay, Episode 1
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Everquest Next Landmark

Everquest Next Landmark is an online social building game that let’s you create anything you can imagine from resources you gather in the world.

Everquest Next Landmark Gameplay

In Everquest Next Landmark, you will gather resources with tools like Pick’s and Axes, and then use those resources to build all kinds of things. You could build a castle, a cabin, a tower – anything really. The building tools available in Everquest Next Landmark are the same used in the development of the upcoming MMO Everquest Next!

Everquest Next Landmark First Look / Impression

My first impression so far of EQ Landmark has been pretty positive. I’m looking forward to playing it more, crafting all kinds of things and putting them up as templates on the player station. This series will cover my first look at the various features of the game and once I get a good impression of EQ Landmark, I may begin a new series with less of an emphasis on learning the game, and more on building within it!

Everquest Next Landmark Alpha / Beta

EQ Landmark is currently in Alpha at the time of this video, and subsequent videos in this series will also cover Everquest Next Landmark Alpha footage. When EQ Landmark hits Beta in March or April, I will likely begin a new series.


Deathmilzer Jenkinz says:

The bags were in your inventory you just passed over you made me rage XD

BlackMandragon says:

Caves of Chaos? ; )

I wish I could play this but there is no way I could spend money to get it
early if it going to be free later and I do not think my laptop could run

I would love to experiment with claiming a mountain face and trying to
carve out my own Petra using only the pickaxe and no tools, : D .

Karen Wenchel says:

I’m for anything that involves Weem building. Glad you are back!

weemcast says:

Let’s what Everquest Next “Landmark” is all about!

RecordTrance says:

you should of learned the game a bit more before making a video about it.
just saying. – cool video though, thx.

ChromeFilms77 says:

Please do more of this game

Gwarnine says:

would you say that this game is really fun? like adictively fun? intuitive?
do you feel compelled to build and explore? im thinking about getting in on
alpha im kina not sure atm. i don’t want to buy a game that turns out to be
a real lame duck you know?

anghel costa says:

Seems like a world of warcraft
Nice weem I think I’ll enjoy this series :)

John Doe says:

thx for posting this its been a while since you posted something like
this. you should check out the trailer for the forest its a really cool
game it has building to and its kind of like this game

Lmfaocj says:

Cheers, fellow explorer!

Soreanu Patrick says:

You must play DayZ.I saw you like zomboys.

Надя Русланова says:

Also weem i saw you comment and it says “Lets what Everquest is all about”
(or something about that) but basiclly between “Lets” and “What” u need a
“see” :P

Koozy L says:

Nice! I was hoping you’d try EQN. Great vids weem! Long time fan here.

xbloodblade says:

hmmm its more like minecraft then i thought…. guess ill check it out

Надя Русланова says:

Heh this looks alot like Planet Explorers (not saying anything bad by that
:3 ) dont you notice :)

Надя Русланова says:

lol weem when you were looking for the bags in ur inv i saw then right away
:3 that was one of those times i wish you can talk to the video and you can
hear it and see it too lol :P

Baleur says:

2:35 “noone is really gonna get rich from this stuff”
You must not have been aware of the Planetside 2 player studio.. Some
people made thousands of dollars in their first month of sales :D

TheStevo75 says:

What a waste of $60

TheStevo75 says:

It looks cheap

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