EverQuest Next Landmark (Free MMORPG): Watcha Playin’? Gameplay First Look (Alpha)

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This time we take a look at the alpha of EverQuest Next Landmark, a free MMORPG that focuses on crafting and building and is the first of the two planned EverQuest Next games. Watcha Playin’? is a FreeMMOStation show where we give you a first look with commentary on the most popular free-to-play MMO games available.

Video made by ReecesPeaces: https://www.youtube.com/user/ReecesPeaces

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FreeMMOStation says:

EverQuest Next Landmark (Free MMORPG): Watcha Playin’? Gameplay First Look

David Schuknecht says:

so how do you download it you fucking bitch??????

Justin Rasmussen says:

would be a cool game if you had to build to survive agaisnt monsters or
something lol but this just looks boring. whats the point of building a
town? just to say you did?

Pettrus Sherlock says:

Its all black, i can’t see the video only hear the audio

Harald Kanin says:

The world size made me disappointed. :/ 

shadowlarkmoon says:

I just realized this… Since landmark allows player to claim areas and
build on them as they see fit… that means EVERY SINGLE SERVER WILL BE
DIFFERENT IN SOME WAY!!!!! O.O No server will be 100% the same. It will be
like traveling fro one demension of the world to to a completely different


Fernando iGabu says:

how a gamemode ? PvE and PvP open world our how a secret ?

mercenary128 says:

Hmm don’t know what to think… an HD minecraft with no combat at all… is
not bad I guess.. but… dunno, maybe I’ll try it. Good video btw

ZalvionProductions says:

can you play on your own server like minecraft or do you need to be on a
public server

Gabriel Lupu says:

Whoa… Doesn’t it looks like Free Realms?

Lashakan Srihara says:


Jaimie Wood says:

can we play this now? i want to play soo bad

Cahal Freestone says:

How big is the download?

Nickm01 says:

Everquest Landmark will have combat, enemies but just the basics of combat.
Everquest Next which is a full MMORPG that will incorporate Landmark
buildings made by players but have questing, grouping, enemies, gear and
over 40 classes…yes 40 classes that you can mix and match coming out
later next year. Landmark is a really advance next generation form of

So if you want a next generation of building sandbox game that’s landmark.

Everquest next is the full MMORPG that will have every that RPG’s have AND
incorporate building like landmark, but not as much. Do the research, it
honestly is going to be the first next generation of MMORPG.

Dheus Joga says:


InspieringEpicVideos says:

Wait a minute….An MMORPG named EverQuest, with no questing, no combat and
no freaking violence? wat

Candy's Channel says:

Nice video! Not so keen on your automatic assumption that a fellow player
was a male instead of he OR she. I was never a Minecraft fan, so I don’t
see myself purchasing this at all but looks promising though

Jen Sen says:

this is rust…. 

5150cl says:

nothin like choppin down trees in a virtual world my kinda game

Jiminy Cricket says:


FreeMMOStation.com says:

EverQuest Next Landmark (Free MMORPG): Watcha Playin’? Gameplay First Look

Beemer99 says:

You didn’t show any of the combat just fucking mined all video. Waste of

Guy Random says:

I want to play this game!!!

Sunbreaker7 says:

The world looks cool and the graphics are gorgeous, but the mining and
timbering looks damn ugly

ToryLeagueOfLegends says:

this will be f2p right?

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