EverQuest Next New Combat and Classes | SOE Live 2014

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At SOE Live 2014, the EverQuest Next team unveiled three new classes, the Tempest, Elementalist and Cleric. These are in addition to the two they announced last year, the Wizard and Warrior. There will be over 40 classes in all.

This video shows off some of the new classes, along with the combat in EverQuest Next.

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chuckles2035 says:

Only thing that really bothers me, is there’s no reaction. You see these
character chop away at each other, but just stand there when they get hit.
Like if you get hit in the chest with a big ass hammer, the least you
should be doing is staggering back. Not just stand there and take it like
he hit you with a rolled up newspaper. Not only does this negate visual
appeal it also lessons the feeling that your actions have weight, the
immersion factor that say, “Hey you just hit that guy with your 50 pound
hammer of doom, and knocked him on his ass!”

albertalawyer says:

Yes, another game focused on combat and little else. Flop x100 coming! 

Gyva02 says:

Turned off by the big bright flashes of an attack… too arcade, not enough

Jay Xan says:

I really dont like how fast paced this game is. I dont play everquest for 3
second fights.

Freeformrulz says:

GOD WTF r these running animations? It looks so clunky and awkward

albertalawyer says:

Honestly it looks like WoW 2.0. 

prince maynard says:

Guys the game isn’t even done yet shut up.

ángel Valverde says:

this isnt everquest…this is a joke lol…

Daniel Tenório says:

Remove all this light effects, perfect.

Starphrax says:

The running animation sucks.
It’s like THAT running spiderman gif

James Martini says:

The particle effects need to be toned down. Half the time you can’t see
what is happening because the effects obscure everything else.

Phil Mehr says:

Paladin ftw! …or Warrior….. hard to choose XD

Daniel Seter says:

This isn’t Everquest. This is Kingdoms of Amalur 2.0.

alchkosac says:

this is Korean game?

Alexy Guadalupe says:

Running animation could use some work. Its much too fast for the speed
they’re moving.

CodeguruX says:

Are you serious?! In an RPG, based mostly off of D&D, there will be a
wizard AND a warrior class?! Wonders never fucking cease!

slasher 4433 says:

i thought it looked good. dunno why ppl don’t like what they see.

ianiow says:

Watching the action a frame at a time reveals great animation and detail.
Unfortunately it is all spoiled by the action being too fast and having
waaay to many flashing lights. Slow it down by three quarters and do away
with the neon flashes and this game might be a winner.

amx23player1 says:

Do you guys think a Korean MMO will bring the same depth as a title from
the Everquest franchise?

Calamity Frost says:

to all idiots about no reaction at basic hits >>>> is alpha <<<<<< the game isnt even 50 % finished soo sit there and wait for the final version , the game already looks more intersting than your shitty wow

Jesus Adolfo Galindo says:

Is no even alpha and people judging it now, is sad.

Ok, look bad but it can improve.

usernametaken 56 says:

I hate action spam combat. This just looks like another action combat asian
grinder MMO. Is EQN gonna have the mandatory cash shop to go along with it?
Can you imagine flinging your mouse around for hours playing this crap?
Hello carpal tunnel! I was hyped for this game but no more. No pre-order
here for sure. :(

Tamás Lugosi says:

what happened to the fluid animations seen in the first gameplay videos? 🙁
combat seemed much more responsive and non-generic.

abubu apura says:

Is this action combat? Really can’t tell just based on this video

Matt Cooper says:

Everyone complained about lighting affects?!? When you get the game change
your settings and no more effects, that simple and it might run smoother if
you have a crap system. 

nhijada says:

Wow ive play eq, eq2 and I cant wait for this game to come out, I like the
new approach. 

The HorribleGamer says:

Those destructive environments seem…to destructive.

Mike R says:

Really not a fan of this combat style. Every movement has some sort of
particle or light streamer effect associated with it.

Looks more like street fighter then Everquest

Grom Hellscream says:

omg this looks so amazing

Ramon Santana says:

Please, add bleeding animations, cut limbs off with slashing weapons, crush
limbs and armor with blunt, chars on fire start to melt skin or armor
plastic parts or metal starts getting searing hot and inflicts more pain…

Bring the enchanter and magician back from EQ and EQOA, miss those classes
a lot, specially the healing water elemental for Magicians.

Branimir Vukušić says:

Proly looks like shit due to console adaptation, if thats not the reason,
then they should really be worried. Lesson number 1 in game advertising, if
it looks like shit… DONT SHOW IT!

oflow100 says:

graphics dont look nearly as good as in the original gameplay video. must
be the console optimization

har4084 says:

meeh o mutch fireworks

Kevin Santoro says:

Looks terrible

Gumblert says:

wtf is this korean shit

john taylor says:

Those flashy attacks could get anoying.


what da fuck. this is hoorible

Kaynos says:

What is this shit ? Fable 4 ?

select20 says:

This looks pretty good to me especially knowing all this is pre alpha.
Landmark improved vastly from alpha to beta so it’s easy to see how much
better things can get from what they already have. 

Eagret3035 says:

im looking forward to this..

Slylok says:

Everyone at SOE that is in their MMO department needs to be fired on the
spot after this. Going from looking like Planetside 2 to this mess is the
biggest joke I think I have witnessed in a long time. The Everquest
franchise deserves better than what these clowns are doing.

Tom R says:

This might be the worst run animation I’ve ever seen…it looks comical.

Korey Jenkins says:

Is this game coming out for PS4? It seems like all the SOE games are.

Zaki Faray says:

running animations are awkward, combat seems like spamming mode…so far
just look like upgraded version of WoW

David Behnke says:

Is this going to be more like a PS3 CALL OF DUTY game? Don’t get me wrong,
it looks amazing, but I certainly hope it’s not dumbed down for PlayStation
kids who like to slash people up all day for entertainment….

PlasticFate says:

If this game will have teleporting warriors, then im out…

ThePandaFrenzy says:

The run animation was awkward for sure… but the rest looked pretty neat
so far !

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