EverQuest Next Preview Interview SOE Live 2014

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Sony Online Entertainment developers discuss EverQuest Next (EQN) at SOE Live 2014 in Las Vegas in this exclusive gameplay preview interview.
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Linkjoy123 says:

“Micro-transactions.” “Micro-transactions.” “Micro-transactions.” —
That’s all I hear coming out of their mouth. Must be something wrong with
my speakers.

AnimefreakHQ says:

I am septic about the game. Don’t get me wrong, I really love the new
creative ways they’re moving forwards in MMO, but the death penalty and
instance movement is what really destroys the immersion.

Shawn McMahon says:

Hurry up and give me this game, Sony! +EverQuest Next 

Crescendyr says:

Stop whispering, son.

Spoon84 says:

game is gonna be amazing!!

Lullaby says:

Its cool how back in 1999 EQ was the 1st real mmo. And now EQN look far and
away the most exciting mmo to come down the pike since 2005 and wow.
Kudos for an mmo to look forward to. And having the candour for saying “wow
killer” This looks like it has the potential for being just that.
One point, they might wanna make more than one death animation, chuckle. I
am sure you will.

Lullaby says:

The poster behind the two guys at the start. (the elven archer)
Does anyone know the name of the artist please. Id like to see more of
his/her work.
Thanks in advance. Andy.

Tyler Mohr says:

Need to turn down or off the background music, its too loud with the
storybricks guys soft voice

Jcizzle210 says:

Best part of the video is when the guy on the left is talking about how
MMORPG players are hungry for something new, and original, and refreshing.
As well as when he is talking about how they are making content that will
take a lifetime to fully go through. Remember when WoW was so
challenging/took so much time and effort, and when you finally accomplished
it, you felt so satisifed and badass? Remember when level 60 was a HUGE
accomplishment, and not everyone was max level within a couple days? Those
were the awesome days. There is no more true challenge/reward/competition
in WoW. It’s turned into a simple casual MMO. It’s no longer an mmoRPG for
the true MMORPG players.

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