EverQuest Next’s Alpha Is Playable Right Now | SOE Live 2014

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Kirk and MMO Attack speak with Terry Michaels about EverQuest Next at SOE Live 2014. The most notable topics include when players can play EQNext, the new classes that were introduced and much much more!

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gen strike says:

40 classes isnt that a bit much?

Tetsu Queen says:

Kirk, I must say you were rather professional during this interview, I see
many small youtube journalists fucking up on the microphone passing and
such but this was a very clean and good interview. Thanks! 

Adrian Beria says:

Thanks for the vid! Do any of you guys know which are the system

chaz wozza says:

Gfx don’t make a game playability does having said that the reason the gfx
are so shit is because the world is breakable lol do your selfs a favour
and make the world unbreakable coz this childish shit look awful 

Nicollas Daher says:

Where can someone play landmark or whatever that means? How can I play this
game? (I’m completely clueless lol)

Eric Jansen says:

Will there be mounts in that game?

Balon ZoloZ says:

pls Landmark is a joke .. my god.. and this looks crappy too. I played Ew
from the start off and on for 14 years,,, this looks to much like all the
silyl shit coming out in the last few years… so much hype over nothing.

chaz wozza says:

Woot world of guild wars is nearly ready

LightYagami100000 says:

Flagged for misleading title.

Dingle Stingle says:

Was looking forward to it but it looks like a giant fail. The majority of
eq players are adults and this looks like they turned it in to a kids
arcade game with fancy yellow lights when hitting mobs instead of blood.

Linkjoy123 says:

It’s cool that players who played EQ 1 in 1999 aren’t even getting first
dibs on the Alpha. Micro transactions, wait what? Oh yeah duh. I bet
Wizards will be just as useless as they were in EQ1. 

jacobjedi2 says:

Looking great! I think EQN could really be the next big MMO if they do it

iaureee says:

the title is false

CheekyDoubleDee says:

When are we going to see EQN beta?

illuminism says:

good stuff, thanks man!

Cura Licentia says:

The title is misleading, or did I miss the playable Alpha?
If the title was made to get views, please rethink the strategy.
The interview was fine though.

Kovalenko says:

This is everything GW2 failed to be. And no, GW2 did not turn out to be a
great game at all

Anthony Verdun Jr says:

Where is the Necromancer and Shadow Knight, come on guys!

Psynaut00 says:

We haven’t been talking about it specifically, but we have been talking
about it silently the whole time. I mean, we haven’t been as quiet about
it as people think, we just haven’t been saying anything about it out loud,
at all.

Tyler Durden says:

Looks very FF.

honumana says:

thx for the info really enjoyed the interview : )

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