Forging Fantasy: EverQuest Next – Livestream & Landmark Gameplay

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Hello everyone and welcome to more Forging Fantasy; EverQuest Next! In this episode we’re going to dive into some of the more interesting pieces of information gathered from SoE’s recent Landmark Livestream event. Gameplay from the livestream is playing in the background so enjoy all of the Landmark building goodness!

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Jason Flitton says:

landmark its self just looks boring as hell like the sims with only the
building like minecraft without the work i would rather play with my sons
lego’s when or if this totally implemented into the main game than it would
be legit but 50$ for this really eat my shorts sony.



Federico Gaggioli says:

God damn i will find a team and we’ll rebuild runescape i promise

adrian king says:

guys they are copying starwars gaxies why the builds so they are offering
nothing new I play eq2 that’s best they can get SOE need to retire from pc

hitthesurfBBQ says:

awesome vid man!

Jon Thor says:

I personally think they should make a mix where it is based on every single
element :

Creative, Competitive, Community :

If someone makes a Landmark based on his/her creative ideals, such as
making five castle factions, along with the corners of the map, the sky,
the sea, undeground, or the ground itself being it’s own fantasy area.

Back to the Faction area, this will be where the PVP comes in. Each castle
is givne it’s own castle, land, and space. The goal of each castle is to
take out the other faction. While it’s still a PVP, new factions could be
made from the community to add more competition

Meanwhile at the creative areas, which lay at the corners of the map,
people who want to make fantasy areas could work there freely.

But I’m not really sure. Do you know if they will create like space
barriers where the player can create a radius determining if an area is
PVP-Destruction, Community-Creative, or Private-Owner protected? If it’s in
the game, then I would assume it would be based on Markers?

Elliott Matteson says:

Great Video. I agree with you completely,

songtian says:

yap I agree great potential for this game

Gʀɪɪᴢᴢ Mᴜsɪᴄ says:

soo, u make your own castle? : )

Cy Pher says:

Looks great but remains to be seen if its going to be fun. This is the
company that fumbled the ball and let Blizz take over the MMO market.

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