HOUSE TOUR! (EverQuest Next Landmark)

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Stephen Walking – Top of the World
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The Founder’s Pickaxe can be used as an axe… 

Landmark says:

Landmark is now available on Steam! Find us on the “Early Access” page of
their interface. [Adam]

Endergameing Hd says:

just got it waiting for it to install 

\VotiveCloud says:

I can’t play this. I bought it but it’s impossible. FPS is SO SHIT, no
matter what I do, Here’s my specs : GTX 770 4GB OC, i7 4770k OC, 8GB of RAM

Panda says:

Everquest with survival would be the new minecraft, it would blow up! If
they add animals to hunt and you need to eat to survive, i will uninstall
minecraft and buy landmark!

ParsaGaming says:

Basically mc with better graphics. Idk why, but I think I will stick to
minecraft, with the pixels.

LPSToxic says:

Ok im super stupid (sorry for being a big dumbhead) what does beta mean O_O

Ajaehae says:

It’s a “claim” WALKING DEAD MUCH

Gurren Lagann says:

So is this going to evolve with combat etc, or into the new ever quest next
MMO game that is coming out? Or is it just going to stay like this? Want to
know if I should invest the 99 bucks lol

Sam Witts says:

You can use the founders pick on trees up to tier 6 currently, so you don’t
have to use the stone axe.

StupidityLevelJoe says:

Great another minecraft wannabe

Tempeljonas says:

No Wildlife? 

EPIC hammer smasher says:

it is a realy good grafick

Tom F. says:

My biggest problem with this game is that they basically screwed over
Planetside 2 to test out the engine for it, which is a dick move and
explains all the issues PS2 has. 

Death Renouncer says:

Is this free?

SpaghettiYetti says:

How do I get rid of the huggeee framer rate lag?

Australium Gibus says:

Its laggy as shit!

Mathew Stokovich says:

It looks like Minecraft and Gary’s Mod mixed together! (minecraft hotbar
and gary’s mod texture)

Ben Green says:

man your voice is fucking annoying

bloodykiller lolista says:

In the full release will you be able to build things?? will it be like
Minecraft+wow(just an example) ???

MultiRageHD says:

I wish this was RuneScape 😛 

DeniedGamer says:

is this free or no?

TheMinecraftDaily says:

Is there durability in this game?

Kotou M says:

Nice Texture pack, looks like a fun Modpack for Minecraft, I’ll go check it
out. Whats the Texture pack name and site I download it from?

CocoaNutCakery says:

I was planning on LPing EQN Landmark.
Now people will say that I copied Captain Sparklez.
On the plus side (and it’s a pretty big plus side), more people will know
about it and be playing it!

rgbylnr HOA says:

I WANT to like this game.. but it looks like digging nearly all the time to
build 1/100 of the building you imagined.. so you digging again and again
and again and.. oooor you spend real money. What am I missing? :/

RandomGuy69 says:

Nooooo!!!!!!! Please don’t make series of this!!!
And I think the devs paid him to upload this cuz this is crap.

Wulfgeist says:

Reminds me of WoW. And the Sims 4. /disappointed

InkOnTube says:

That explorer’s pikceaxe is capable for both mining ore and chopping tree
of tier 1 and 2.

Brix Villanueva says:

How long does it take to get into the beta? I’ve registered for beta a
month ago.

Cassidy Lush says:

NerdCubed showed off a large portion of the amazing building abilities in
this game.

Dan Malin says:

I can tell you one thing it looks better than minecraft XD

nightro55 says:

This game sounds awesome its like Minecraft but at the same time completely
different(not saying they stole the idea or anything) keep the series up
can’t wait for episode #2

Nsthan Balla says:

Do you know if it is for xbox?

Tom Bryan says:


Kane Brewer says:

Watch out Ladies & Gents, anything SoE touch tends to turn to shit!

Leo0nerd says:

your pick is actually a pickAXE 

Mine@17 says:

so this is just a building game without the MMORPG elements as in EQ?

Richard Jan Eshuis says:

But what if Everquest Next comes out what will Landmark offer besides
building ?
Will we see any other futures for Landmark, cause am thinking about a
founders pack but what does that founder pack gives me when Everquest Next
goes live ?

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