Landmark Gameplay (EP1 – Learning the Basics)

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This is Myself and Matt testing out the new Landmark game. This is still in Beta. Support the series by giving thumbs up and commenting please ! Appreciate the support!



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For anyone interested we are located on the liberation server, building currently in ridge. end me a pm or in game mail to gix65 and will see what I can hook ya up with


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Jagthunder1 says:

+Soo Line Goat Sim huh, lol sounds like an ass whipin for sure haha..Not
sure about CW or TR..Haven’t played em in a long time. May have to take a
look and see if there has been any significant updates to CW lately.

Celestiepie Gough says:

OMG, The Quality…

KrinklesTheClown says:

Thanks for the video Jag. This game hates me.

mike warner says:

I was thinking but hv u played wow world of warcraft

Seth- craft says:

How fun is the game Jag?

Robble says:

i have this game i got a Beta Code

robby8193 says:

So everquest next and everquest landmark is ONE game together when it comes
out, or are they separate ?

Bill Hensley says:

The game looks like it could be a lot of fun. Thanks for giving us a peek
at it.

Jayden Evans says:

That is so epic

Seth- craft says:

“It’s going up my ass patrick!” lol

robby8193 says:

So, i got a question jag, when everquest next comes out. will landmark
still be around, or will it be combined into one game. will u be able to
build things with eq next client, or would u have to have landmark to build
things. thanks please reply.

the oncoming storm says:

i wish minecraft had more minerals than it does, so we can make stuff like
bronze and steel equipment.

retep2041 says:

game looks sweet 

Seth- craft says:

Im so happy ur back!!

robby8193 says:

Can you make armor in eq next, how does that work ? can you make armor in
landmark and then use it in eq next, or will eq next have its own armor
making, which is what im thinking

edward sasso says:

hey guys hopefuly see you two in game

Matt B says:

been a lot of fun. for anyone interested we are located on the liberation
server, building currently in ridge. end me a pm or in game mail to gix65
and will see what I can hook ya up with

Mackenzie Clarke says:

Hey do you know exactly when lord dakr is going to upload a video I have an
idea when but I’m not sure exactly

Mark Banks says:

looks fun.

Cerbero3333333 says:

and he’s back!!

ShamalamaPwnge says:

Shift and mouse wheel lol. I had the same problem for the first three days
of alpha, it pissed me off so much haha then I read how to do it online.

evan metz says:

Glad to hear your voice again jag!!! Welcome back bud. :)

Chad Melson says:

Yay your back to uploading 

Jagthunder1 says:

EverQuest Next Landmark Beta Gameplay (EP1 – Learning the Basics)

Dylon Nichols says:


evpcuriosity says:

Im playing the 7 day free beta of this this game isn’t that good

Maks TheLegend says:

Yaayy Jag your back!! By the way awesome vid! :)

robby8193 says:

When is the game coming out ? looks fun!

Seth- craft says:

Happy u back!!!

gareth evans says:

Glad your back jag when can we see Bismarck 

Matt B says:

So much fun, and you already missing stuff jag haha

Seth- craft says:

Cant wait 4 da airport!

Soo Line says:

Hey Jag, try Goat Simulator! You’ll get a kick out of it! BTW, when can we
expect another Cubeworld vid or Tomb Raider episode?

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