Landmark – Part 1 – EverQuest Next Is Awesome

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Landmark gameplay! EverQuest Next Landmark is the awesome construction game that is complementary to EverQuest Next. Right now Landmark is in Beta. Things made in Landmark will be put into the MMO. I think they should just be the same game but maybe that wouldn’t work. I don’t know, I just want ridiculous combat in a game that is this awesome. Another thing, the land regenerates so there aren’t any crazy caves, which I think gets rid of a lot of possibilities. Besides all that, this game is ridiculously ridiculously awesome! Seriously crazy! 😀

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Part 2!

Landmark is a crazy game where you can make almost anything. It is one of those games that everyone should play. Right now Landmark is in beta.

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Alex Sims says:

Love this game, just ashame that the debug code running in the background
of the beta client causes a tonne of lag 🙁 nice video :D

Tonttu933 says:

i have no idea where or how to craft/get the building tools… could
someone help me? D:

ASAFYY says:

where is combat???

ShinachiHChan says:

EverQuest Next is going to be in the top 3 greatest MMO’s of 2015-2017.
So get ready people!

Oh and MGP, i don’t know if you’ve noticed yet, but they just recently
added Caves, and Oceans.
Which brings back all the possibilities!~ Nice video by the way.

Erik Thorne says:

Hey man, I don’t know if you’ve ever checked out outside, but I think you’d
be really impressed.

BigL BkNy says:

So is this the everquest next with planetside 2 engine. The one they
showed about 9 months ago. Is there combat?

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