Landmark – Part 1 – THE NEXT MINECRAFT??!?!?

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The boys look at an early build of Landmark – a magnificent blend of Minecraft, exploration, building and crafting! Check it out here:

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Other builds in the EverQuest Landmark Build-Off Challenge:
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Duncan’s Video:
Sjin’s Video: Coming Soon!

Thanks to SOE for their support in making this possible.

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Joe Chello says:

A great video from +YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon +ChangeTip 1000 bits

TFSOO Bernd says:

To me it looks terrible, nowhere near Minecraft quality, just my opinion

Cameron Cooper says:

Please let this replace Minecraft… I’m so bloody bored of bloody

Onkledonk says:

You guys should check out Terraria, it recently received some updates and
is a whole lot better than ever before! I’d even dare to say it’s become
better than Minecraft on a level that isn’t just statistical! :D

Adam Stinnett says:

Got my Beta Key today. 😀

+Curtis Turner (Because it’s pretty.) 

TP Tyf-E says:

Wow it looks like a not shit, more developed Yogventures!

Noah Morgan says:

The Yogcave should be reborn into Everquest Landmark.

Joshie Yoshi says:

A cross breed from ROBLOX and minecraft.

Ninja4editS says:


CryingMonkey says:

how does one downloads that game?

zach burke says:

original minecraft is better in my opinion

Chef Zeff says:

They have beast PC’s.
i can only say that the Fps is top lel.
hovering at 30 and dipping as low as 5. That is just sad.

Thaddeus Beadle says:

I wasn’t going to say it, but then I saw so many copys from it, this is a
jiant copy of project spark on the xbox one, every thing except for the
multiplayer part is copyed from it, you get to make your own stuff, spawn
stuff in make your own game with in the game, map up your own personal ai,
ect, lol, lol, haha,ha.

KylzQ says:

This game looks fucking beautiful, for an ‘MMO’ (sorta, well the engine is
for an MMO at least). They don’t try to make it a ‘graphical fucking
masterpiece’ because they know it’s not possible for the way the game plays
out, which is always multiplayer.

Hitman_Gaming says:

Phew I thought you had to Skyrim up mountains

IHaTeD2 says:

The major problem is that SOE are greedy fuckers who will make it horribly
P2W – which is a shame because the original EQ was very good (I was more
the Ultima Online guy though).

Can we expect ArcheAge videos soon as well, now that the closed alpha of
the EU version has started?

AdicusDeath reaper says:

From what I seen in the trailer of this game. It doesn’t seem like the next
minecraft. There is lots of things minecraft needs but then again this game
is not what would be an improvement. the main thing people loved the most
about minecraft that made it so popular for so many years Is the fact that
the game makes you work for what you can get, unless you cheat your way to
get it. It doesn’t just GIVE shit to you, you don’t just make beautiful
works of art by simply doing some easy program that allows you to do it.
You use your own imagination and build from the ground up block by block
with materials you worked hard to get. Again..sadly this game just looks
like it will baby people cause they can’t do things on their own and work
for it.

Myles Vincent says:

Anyone that thinks this will outplay and surpass Minecraft is a complete
and utter fool. Why? They’re two entirely different games. Minecraft has a
very unique element of creativity, similar to Landmark. I’m not saying
either one is better than the other, but you get the point.

Mikkel Østberg says:

So in minecraft raw iron is orange, in everquest its blue, in skyrim and
most minecraft texturepacks its grey/metallic, doesnt anybody know how iron
fucking looks irl? And are game devs just guessing its colour instead of
just googling it???

Hydrouge Zelikip says:

This game looks stunning- Minecraft its all blocks and pixels so how can it
look stunning- in minecraft there are more customization for characters but
that can be added since this game is in beta, I think this game will
overtake minecraft and/or it will become like thing that battle field and
CoD have where they are equally as populated and they are competing. Hope
this game overtakes minecraft though cause its BORING. (in my opinion)

Aero says:

I may not be able to run this i have a bad pc :/

Thekarmicdouche says:


soundslave says:

It’s about 15 years old so I don’t think it can be the ‘next’ anything –
besides the next game to shut down.

Knight Raider says:

This Game Looks Soooo Good 😀 You Yogscast are the best, Rock on Dudes

Zech Of The West says:

This is how i imagine Yogventures will be like when it’s done.,

Mike s. says:

what happened to yogventures?

PeacemanNOT says:

This is what Yogventures should of been. God that game sucks.

coww74 says:

How much is this going to be when it comes out?

Payten Pedersen says:

i have a feeling when this comptely comes out minecraft is a goner 

Clane Kaluna says:

+Waika Kaluna dude … this looks bad ass

Meeowmixx says:

I’m expecting 10 year olds to call this game a “Minecraft ripoff.”

PurpleViking221 says:

Looks kinda like Yogventures…. Is that coming out sometime soon?

smelyspartan says:

One peek at the comments section of this video has shown me how much blind
ignorance the yogscast’s fan-base has. Landmark isn’t trying to be
Minecraft… Landmark has one main purpose and that is to be a program to
give players the tools to help create the MMO Everquest Next. Landmark is
more of a development tool than a game, and the trade is that people get
direct feedback into how the game develops using a strong building engine
and the developers get to use this direct feedback to help improve their
game in the long run.
The development goals are entirely different. Minecraft’s goal is to create
a challenging survival environment where you can permanently change your
entire game world. the goal of EQN landmark is to help develop an MMO with
destructible terrain and multiple layers of caves and dungeons under the
surface to explore.

Serhat Yücekaya says:

nice accents :D

Farron Films says:

Its not the next Minecraft because its not moddable. Modability is what
keeps Minecraft fresh. Also, take everything they say with a grain of salt
since they are getting payed to say god stuff about this game.

060steve says:

Whatever happened to that Yogventures game thing? haha :D

Jecoconono says:


SirChipperton says:

It can’t be the next minecraft, because minecraft is still happily
thriving. Just call it an mmo building game.

Mutzaki says:

They should have named this World of Minecraft.

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