Landmark PvP Arena Creation #1 | Everquest Next Landmark

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Landmark is changing and growing! PvP Player vs Player is coming and Everquest Next gets ever closer. In this new series I’m looking at creating an arena for PvP capture the flag games and you can watch as I create the arena.

Landmark is a creation game currently but it will soon be so much more. With this new arena I am hoping people will be interested in coming and playing so that I can film the action so let me know.

I also run a series of Awesome Player Creations videos the last one of which can be seen here:

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Landmark is developed by a huge team at SOE and is fast growing and evolving into potentially the biggest game on the internet. Visit their site here

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Landmark PvP Arena Creation #1 | Everquest Next Landmark

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Very nice Pit.

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